How exactly did Duster get that limp? - by firej7

Duster's limp, something that puzzled us as we played through Mother 3. Some forgot about it and blew it off, but this guy didn't. I questioned where and how it happened, and only one thing came through to me. Hope of honor.
We knew Duster was trained in the theiving arts, that alone takes sacrifice and determination. He once caught his master, Wes, doing one heck of a weird dance while he was young. At first he thought it was a silly dance he would teach him soon, but little Duster got surprised to see that after the dance, Wes released a heat of power. Within Dusters curiosity, he had to try it.
It was 2 years within his practice and he realized, he was getting nowhere. He was slacking off in his theiving training, and was slipping away in his knowledge and responsibilities, causing Wes to get angrier after each passing day. Wes started to yell and snap at Duster constantly, and forced him to sleep outside, only knowing he was losing his touch in his theiving. Duster soon got tired of Wes's annoying rants though.
Duster planted a smoke bomb in what he thought was Wes's bed. That night however, Wes was feeling bad, and offered Duster to sleep inside that same night, and he prepared a whole plate of cheese just in apologize sake. Duster go over excited and forgot what he did before. When night fell, Duster decided to get some rest in a bed upstairs. BIG MISTAKE. The bed he placed the smoke bomb in was the one he was banned from for nights.
As he sat on the bed, the bomb went off, sending him in a blinded fit. One more thing he forgot to do, was close the window. He fell out the window he placed his prank in. Another thing to mention, one skill he mastered was the wall hook technique. One he didn't was putting things away. With a loud thud he fell to the ground outside, and a misplaced wall hook pierced his leg.
He was stuck in that smoke stained bed for weeks to come. Wes only offering him the apologize cheese from the night, and constant reminders of the hook permanatly scarring his leg. Every day that passed, he learned less, but somehow learned to joke more...and annoying Wes.
Thus is the story of the limp. For this Theorist, this is the only understanding I can come to understand. With everything in heart (and leg) Firej (Pheen-x) signing out.



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