8/28/04 Topic: Star(hu)man? :

Are the Starmen Human, or what? :(

Hey, hippies can be smart :(:

Ah! It should seem quite obvious that they are Robots AND Humans! Why is that? Well, you can tell that part of some starmen are robots by this quote from Starman DX: "You were much stronger *whirr*... than out intelligence indicated." Huh? HUH? And, some of the Starmen are part Human, because only a human can have a Ghost. There were many starmen to be fought, thus many Ghosts of starmen were to be fought as well. So, I believe that the Starman initiary army(Starmen Normal, Super, Ghost) is consisting of half-robots, while the secondary army (Starman DX, Final) is pure Robot. This could also explain how the Ghost of Starman (Half-human) can use PSI. Ness can use PSI as a half-robot, so it all makes sense. Most are Man, few are Machine. One last thing. This also explains why the Starmen kidnapped all of those humans. They were all intelligent, except maybe the Hippie and Sabastian(Tessie Watcher).

- Dr_Baconman

This theory doesn't exist:

To understand what the Starmen are, we must first understand what the stars are.

Now, the current theory is that they are much like our sun, a lot of hydrogen converting into helium and giving off a crazy amount of energy. This is wrong. It's what the Starmen want you to think.

Sol, our own sun, is an exception to this rule: That all stars are in fact very very bright lights, given off by the Starmen making more of their kind.

It is postulated that the Starmen were once organic, but they have since evolved beyond that. It was them that created the the Solar system, in their infinite boredem. There're's really not much else to do, when your species has existed for the last seven bilion years.

After waiting for a few more billion years, they concluded that creating the Solar system was a huge mistake, due to the absence of any intelligence life, which they were planning to confuse about everything from the start of the universe to the nature of stars.

After their percieved failure, there decided to skip this tedius evolving stuff, and just create intelligent life without anything else. This is where the Mooks came from, as well as many other species that never appeared in Earthbound.

It was at this point that one unusually bright Starman had an idea. Why not improve the Starmen? The normal process of creating a Starman gave off about as much energy as a white dwarf star, which of course was what it was. But the Starmen discovered that a stronger Starman would take more energy to create. Soon, the Starman Supers went into production all over the universe, and the sky was filled with bright points of life.

One day Giygas showed up, entirely seperate from the Starmen. He saw the peace-loving super-evolved species, and saw only the perfect soldiers. After working his way into the Starmen's confidence with strange gifts and beef jerky, he hijacked a Starman Production Centre.

Giygas changed the production parameters only slightly. Now all the Starmen produced would be loyal only to him, and would crave destruction. Giygas knew that he could not destroy the Starmen as he wanted, because they were far too strong for him. Instead, he used his army to hijack some more Starman Production Centres, eventually taking control of the Starman Super Production Centres as well.

Giygas took the soul of the Starmen that he had destroyed, and made it far more powerful in death than in life, and also made them into his army.

He set up more Production Centres for his own designs, and ended up creating the Final Starmen. After toying with a way to create the Starmen without expending all that energy, he made Son of Starman, which was too weak for his purposes, so he set it aside. Starman Deluxe was another attempt, this time as a precurser to Final Starman.

One day, some of the older Starmen rebelled, but Giygas subdued the revolution, and transferred the leading Starman, an old and wise Starman Super, into the body of a bee. The Starman Super, looking for a place to flee, remember the existance of Earth, and decided to check it out...

- Clanker

Beam me up, Scotty!:

Assuming old theories, Gyigas is the "Mother" of the human race in the game...

In fact, the way we call them starmen, makes them look like aliens, which they are NOT. Starmen are the previous race started by Gyigas and they were pretty much like humans, they in fact were called !#/�; which is in a language we can't speak... The main difference between humans and them are they did knew about Gyigas existence. After a little trouble they got with him, he managed to seal them within an unknown place for a long time (unknown place maybe past, space, or even within Gyigas "it"self)... Next, came the turn of the humans to be created...

However, during EBO and EB events, Gyigas decided to erradicate the humans but he couldn't act alone. So he used humans fear against them : aliens... He called back the !#/�;s and offered them the Earth back if they created chaos in the world... He equipped them with a suit that had many purpose :

-Cause fear

-Be more powerful

-Survive space and time warping...

In conclusion, they aren't humans but close enough to us... And since they didn't, like Pokey, use the apple of enlightment, they needed a pretty wierd suit.


You can a have a GoActive Adult Happy Meal:

Starmen are actually a mixture between both. Shaping normal metal like that of a starman's shape is down right preposterous. There is however one machine that can assume any shape: the T-1000.

Giygas was looking for the ultimate robot. The Nuclear Power Robots were too goofy looking, and the spinning robo could only spin. Something that looked threatening was needed. Something that would fight anything with its chest out.

He employed the T-1000, who's washed up career from Terminator 2 had led him down a path of drugs and alcohol. He gladly accepted, for a lifetime supply of Peanut Cheese-bars once Giygas took over the world.

So the T-1000 gathered up hundreds of humans. Some volunteered, but most were taken; taken to a melting factory. There, they were dipped in a special liquid metal, starman supers were dipped and then painted a pretty gold.

These things couldn't function properly, because it gets rather difficult to breath after liquid metal hardens all over you're body. Thus, they developed a robotic respiratory system for the Starmen.

This is why they always make these clicking and whirring sounds, because they have to talk in between the machine working. Thus, they started their nihilistic rage for domination, and the T-1000 was pretty much set for life.

But ofcourse, Ness beat Giygas, but that's a whole 'nother story.


Gonmon SUCKS!!!!! ;):

Before I begin on my Starmen theory, I have something to say. It wasn't my numerous theories as the weeks updated 'em, it wasn't my participation on this site in general, and it wasn't my activities among other sites that generated the most buzz about what I had said, but it took a meager five words and two days for my inbox to be flooded with some angry letters. My exact words were in my joking rant against Gonmon, 'I like fat girls anyway!'. Yes, I got complaints for saying this, so I wanted to say it out-loud here and now-- this was not meant to be an offensive remark! I was quite serious about my preferences, but it was also a free pot-shot at myself! Relax willya? Where's the sense of humor in this country?!

Moving on (and sorry about that) it started out a long, long time ago in a tiny village on Starmania where the starpeople lived in peace and love flourished in their society. Well, that's all well and good, but as we all know, teenage angst is quite common, so a bunch of rebel starmen teenagers decided to form their own rock band.

The band was called "Rock Stars" for obvious reasons and moved into the galaxy and went from planet to planet, because they were so bad, no one wanted to take them. Well, overtime, they got lost on a rather extensive planet called 'Internetia' where all evil in the universe inevitably goes and they were trapped!

Well, the band transcended several billion years worth of evolution whilst in the temporal void, and were expelled out as StarMen 3.14! (or StarMen Pi, for short). Well, through evolution also came asexuality (for those unfamiliar with the term-- it's how cells reproduce-- they make identicle copies of themselves). Well, these copies continued to breed and breed and breed and... well, let's face it, it got mighty boring.

So, the StarMen Pi decided to occasionally hurdle the excess population into the void of the Internet (as it later came to be known) so see the potential effects. Thus-- the StarMen Super Pi were born! Then again-- and Starmen DX Pi, etc, etc, etc...

Well, they were happy on their empty, useless planet and they finally over-used the rapidly-evolving planet and it turned into a blackhole, sucking in the useless empty planet! Well, all the inhabitants were hurdled through time and space and landed at the feet of Giygas! He ordered them to obey him, and so they all bowed down, having forgotten what a parental figure was like.

In time, the happenings of the Sword of HA legend occured, and so forth... then EarthBound happened! Now you understand it all, don'tcha smart guy!

-Shadow the Hedgehog

Jolly good show, my friend!:

I think that the Starmen in Earthbound are the "goombas" of the Mother series. For those that dont know the goombas are the most common enemies from the mario series, and according to nintendo they are "Betrayers of the Mushroom kingdom" of course in recent years some have come back to the light side.

Anyway, Starmen are the next step in mans evolution but they are controlled by Giygas. After the world is thrown in to Chaos, some of the people have decided that to avoid death they can join Giygas. giygas has no use for "normal" humans so he uses his awesome power to forward thier Evolutionary process turning them into what giygas dubbed "StarMan" (even though some were woman as well, the evolutionary jump caused a loss in gender and racal differences). This evolutionary jump also gave them telepathic powers but at the cost of their will and like humans themselves some had individual powers that made them different from the rest. Such as becomeing etheral and becomeing "Ghost of Starman" and some that had already been showing telepathic powers were "StarMan Super" and were much more powerful.

But! One person that had learned about Giygas wanted to get in on the groud floor in the present and wanted power to control the world. She (yes SHE im goin somewhere with this) was givin a chance under the condition she could get the "chosen one" aka Ness. This woman went to Threed and with the help of the Zombies she succeeds in capturing Ness! And in return she is turned into the most powerful starman... StarMan Deluxe! Yes! the woman from Threed was givin great power in the form of being turned into THE StarMan. That is Why we never see her again, and when u find StarMan Deluxe SHE is in a pod. A pod that speeds up the evolutionary process. And it was used at such a great power that She became StarMan Deluxe. Other Proof of this is that when u met her in the base she say "We underestimated you" meaning she thought Ness was dead but she was surprised to see he had survived the Zombies and had come so far.


Ghost of Christmas Past...FROM THE FUTURE!:

Although called Starmen, I think that these guys are neither human nor celestial.

Judging by Earthbound's mannerisms (of sorts), lots of things are scientific or brain-powered. I think that someone created maybe these guys. My first speculation is android. They speak, move, and even act human-like, so there are some definite homo-sapien action in the mix. And yet, they still beep and malfunction, so they gotta have a nice circuit board somewhere, no?

First off, they have a human-like appearance. Don't let that throw you; things are not always as they seem. If you're religious, people were created in god's image, right? So, maybe some man decided to play god and create this stunning race after himself. Alas, genius fellows such as these are also a tad thoughtless at times. Said inventor probably dropped a bit of meteorite in the batch somewhere, which super-powered the Starmen. This made them beyond human and beyond robotic.

Secondly, SHINY! And beepy! Okay, really though. They are awfully shiny, make PC sounds, and are really smart. As the stereotype goes: guy makes bot, bot gets smart, bot erases creator, and sets off to take over the world. Still following me? Good. Because the Starmen ridded the existence of their producer, they apparently still need to rid the world of anything remotely close to him, still. So, the Starmen are out to get us because of our DNA structure.

This brings me to point three! Because "First off" and "Secondly" totally add up to THREE! Starmen are man-made androids programmed to bleep out everything that breathes oxygen. They hired zombies, didn't they? And zombies don't live on oxygen, just brains. No, brains are NOT made of oxygen. That tale is for another day.

In any case, Starmen aren't human, but they aren't aliens either. They're smart critters though! And there are a lot of them... because they multiply! They have ports and USB cords for that sort of thing. They need to make an Earth-crushing militia, now don't they?

Another curious note, while I'm at it; this morning while pondering what Starmen are (ironically enough), you have to wonder WHY they came from the past. Call me crazy, but remember our pals George and Maria from Mother/EB0? Maybe the couple decided to run away and make these crazy semi-machines, but later got caught up in their own web. BAM! Maria never came back alive, but George managed to run out and hide away. I never heard about him again. (But maybe I should finish EB0 first.) Idunno, did you? They DID disappear without any reason for some time.

There you have it! Starmen are android killing machines bent on world destruction. The End...?


I, Starman -OR- No Breaks:

if anyone has seen I, Robot, then they already know about ghosts in the system, and how they develop, but if you didnt, or missed it, ill recap. Ever since the beginning of computer time, there have been ghosts in the system, random bits of code that seemingly come out of nowhere. Even the most simple computers, like the Tandy 3000 Color, have the ability to imitate life to the point of basic free thought. My theory about the Starman is exactly that, there began on a planet far far away, ghosts beginning to appear in the system of the computers of the planets inhabitants. Eventually these machines were advanced enough to take on he planet's inhabitant's duties, and became their servants. The inhabitants and machines became so dependant on one another, that they evenually started to repair mortal wounds with the robot parts, thus making the inhabitants cybernetic to one degree or another. In final fantasy 9, we learned from the final boss Necron that with change come fear, and with fear comes hatred, and with hatred come violence. That is exactly what happened. The organics became increasingly suspicious of the cybernetics, and like during World War Two, they began discriminating against the cybernetics, and sent them to prison camps much like we did to the Japanese in America. But unlike the Japanese Americans, the cybernetics became increasingly violent with their captors and a war broke out that ultimately ended with the cybernetics destroying the organics, and taking over the planet. Eventually, the cybernetic beings learned to replicate themselves and built an empire, dubbing themselves Starmen, since computers are logical, and they were men of the stars. Hearing of this great conquest, the Starmen were approached by Giegue (the last boss from Earthbound Zero) Giegue hated the humans, and humans being organic life, as the Starmen came to hate, were Giegue's target. The Starmen agreed and began attacking Earth, overrunning a zoo and making the animals run wild, and protecting Giegue's base in Mount Itoi. Later, after Giegue was defeated, Giygas still thought highly of the Starmen, since there were only four types sent to Earth at that time (Starman Junior, Starman, Blue Starman, And Last Starman) Giygas still had faith in them, at least moreso than in something stupid like the gruff goat, or the fobby. So Giygas sent the Starmen to wreak havoc on Earth once again, and to actually set up a base of operations at a place known as Stonehenge. There, more advanced Starmen were produced (Starman, Starman Super, Starman Deluxe) Although the Starman Deluxe seemed to be the brains of the operation. Giygas needed a loyal puppet, thats why he created teh Starman Deluxe to be mostly machine so he could not disobey orders, but gave his mind attributes of that of a human, so he could use Psi. The other Starmen still were partially human, thats why they could use Psi. The Starman Junior in the beginning of Earthbound was mostly human, so he was weak and spoke as a human would. The Starman Deluxe however was mostly robotic, thats why he was strong and spoke as a robot would. The other Starmen had somewhat human minds as well, so they were Psi wielders. After Ness and company destroy the mostly robotic Starman Deluxe, the other Starmen, have a newfound respect for organic life, and leave Earth forever. Giygas saw this, and went back in time to make a duplicate of the Starman Deluxe, which he made improvements on, giving him an entirely robotic brain with a special Psi-Processor which is an ultimate ghost in the system. He dubbed this new Starman, Final Starman, because it was their final chance in his eyes (or lack thereof)and the final Starman became an ultimate duplication of human life.....for now.....


Drakenul Wins:

So, you want to know the true nature of the Starmen, huh? I'm going to have to dig REAL deep into my files here. Didn't know I had files? Where do you think my background info on Brick Road and Everdread came from? My imagination? Simple fool. Ahh, here it is, now listen up.

The Starmen, infamous for being the henchmen of the even more infamous Giygas, are actually a blend of organic and robotic parts. They are the ultimate result of robotics experiments carried out by the lesser known sections of Giygas' army. The atomic power robots seen roaming around many of Giygas' bases are earlier works of the robotics programs, but it wasn't until a biological element was added to the program that results were impressive enough to earn the lofty title of Starman.

The orginal Starman designs were more heavily armed than the current models in use, because of the lack of the organic components needed to utilize the psychokinetic powers that the mechanical terrors are so feared for. It also stabilized the units, making it so that they don't explode violently like earlier models of war bots.

The teleporters used by the Starmen masses are devices that harness the ambient PSI energy created by the organic core of the Starman and uses it to perform a specialized form of PSI Teleport not normally possible using conventional teleportation. It propels them a short distance, as has been seen during the ill-fated invasion of Earth.

But the real genious of the Starmen design is the way the organic core and nodes are interlinked with each other and integrated into the mechanical systems. Without getting too deep into the jargon and equation filled notes, I can safely say that the technology behind it all will not be seen on Earth for quite a while. Without quoting a few alien words I picked up while researching this topic, I honestly lack the ability to truly describe how it works. But it comes down to the fact that brain tissue of humans and humanoids from other worlds are integrated into the main contol circuits, the electicity sparking the activity of the cells, creating an artificial psychokinetic charge, that's collected by the lower brain nodes, each specially chosen for the ability to use PSI powers, as needed to generate the different castes and orders of Starmen.

Now, while only a few castes and one order were used on Earth, there are almost 30 full orders, and 20 castes within and between those orders that were not used to invade Earth, as only PSI enabled foes can stand up to them consistantly. Giygas had not anticipated Ness and his friends, so he thought only the Advance Order would be necessary.

The Starman Jr., a scout caste used to size up foes, was sent to find the most powerful PSI signature on the planet, Ness, and due to a miscalculation by the science corps, only the Basic and Super castes were used to defend the forward bases, while the D-FENS (Final Stamen) caste were used to defend the Earth HQ, not thinking that Ness would make it that far.

I'm sorry I don't have much more than that, but my research was only focused on what Ness and company faced during their defense of Earth. Maybe if the subject comes up again I'll have that information for you. So, any questions? A summary? Why, I saw you hit the record button on the tape player in your left pocket. Oh, you thought I didn't see that? Well, I did. I run a tip stand, don't think I don't notice stuff like that. Oh, and remember, don't eat the eggs at the corner diner tomorrow. You'll regret it.




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