Theories topic for the week of November 2 - 8, 2011:


DCMC is the premier band rocking out Nowhere Island! But how did they form exactly? Below are your answers to that question!

Theory of the Week:

From the ashened questions we let burn out, Pheen-X tries to bring these questions back to life, with an inferno of answers. This week's question, How did the band DCMC form? In all honesty, bands and music theories always slip through my fingers, they never are really relevant to me. Luckly, I had an old shall we say "Friend" available to help me out. So most words you read in this today, are from none other than Falc-N from the former band, the Capt-N's(he made me say that, it's the only way I could've gotten answers.)

DCMC, the short lived band, that provided such awesome music. OJ, Magic, Lucky, Baccio, Shimmy Zmizz, the band members that never seperated leadership to one person. DCMC (or Desperado Crash Mambo Combo)was a friendly group, with positive attitudes. Yet we don't know how they came to meet with each other. Well, it's time we learned.

It all started with with OJ (Oswin Jackson). When he was young, his friends and family told him he wouldn't be able to deal with the seperation of his home. He didn't try to prove them wrong until he was 33. Sad thing was, his family was right, but when he tried to return home, he must of thought he dropped his key somewhere(as a secret from him, they snipped the thread he put the key around his neck with. They couldn't take another 20 years with his noise) So he wandered the streets, until a random falling flower pot incident(again, his family and friends REALLY wanted to get rid of him)end he ended up falling into a nearby river that floated him to sea.

When he awoke, he was on a small, sandy island, wayyyyyy out into the ocean. He was alone, scared, hungry, wet, and really had to go to the bathroom.

"Hey, Tonda Gossa my new friend." Said the longly deserted Baccio.

"Tonda what?" OJ was baffled.

"Tonda Gossa, its a funny way I found out how to say hello." Explained Baccio as he used some nearby sticks to beat on a nearby tree in a really funky beat. Aparantly, Baccio survived a boat crashed that seemed to have only affected him, he never saw another one of the passengers. It felt good to see another friendly face. Soon OJ found a nearby hallow tree pipe and played along with Baccio's drumming. It was sounding good, but it would be another 2 years before it sounded better. One day while on the island, enjoying a meal of coconuts in salt sauce, a loud slam was heard near the dining duo. The two arived to see a man, in deep pain, but alive. When he awoke to the smell of grilled coconut, he introduced himself as Manny Giccons. The 2 thought it was interesting how he fell out of the sky, so they just called him Magic. After his coconut meal with his newly befriended strandees, he explained how a freak airplane door opening incident caused him to fall onto the island(Weird how the attendants told only him to take his seatbelt off for a spacing test). That night, while everyone was asleep, Magic moved about the island until he found some strong ARACHNID!!! webs and a hallow bowl-like piece of wood. He put the two together and made a makeshift guitar. The other 2 strandees heard the smooth strumming, and started to join in with their own instruments, they were sounding great!

Every day was spent jamming a playing their music, when a man with black sea algae covering his head (with a nasty bump poking out of it) float onto the shore with barely any life left in his body. He awoke 3 days later being called lucky for being alive after his incident. He had no memory of what happened, so he went by the name they kept calling him, Lucky. He listened to them jam everyday, wishing he'd be able to join in, so he started smoke fires, trying to make some pyrotechnics (of course having no memory can make fire-making very dangerous, it took many tries to start a decent fire...that didn't catch onto him.). With those "pyrotechnics" and music being played, a small fishing boat came to the island, finally granting rescue to the stranded band members.

The boat captain had a slight stuttering to his speech after some wierd Kraken incident he kept bringing up, so Jimmy Jims became Shimmy Zmizz. He said before he was a captain, he loved piano, and an old friend that left boating for some weird game making dream, and left his old bass behind. Lucky took a liking to the instrument, and soon finally had a safe position in the band.

The captain was apparently expecting payment from a couple of talent agents by the name of Gorgeous and another Lucky. They liked the music they heard from the group upon return to them. They liked it so much, they booked them a gig for a new club, Club Titiboo. It was great! They all got new instruments, new outfits, and a new fro for Lucky.

Now, where their name comes from, is said to be from their first appearance in Club Titiboo. They were originally supposed to be The Desperados, but after Lucky created a new dance for them to do called the Crash Mambo Combo, they made that their move, and created DCMC.

And thus, DCMC became a performing band. How long they played...that's a mystery in itself. Either way, Another ashed question, now a bright flame. Til next week, this is Pheen-X (Firej7) with thanks to friend Falc-N, saying Nantekodda!

- Firej7

We have a real celebrity here:

so this one time this guy trey parker and matt stone were all "hey lets make music for the various movies we make" and they were all "yeah lets do that" so they made a band called dcmc

their best song was about montages and it was in an episode of south park i saw one time.

i know this because i was the drummer.


A tale of beverages and talent:

Shimmy Zmizz, the keyboard player is a familiar face from Runaway Five fell into and straw berry juice, his favorite drink and froze. Oh how he loves it gets all over his lips but he just smiles it off. Anyways he woke up on strange island He felt alone in new city. He felt an emptiness in side of him so great that not even straw berry juice could cure. He was drinking strawberry juice on the rocks at a bar when a live band started to play. He began to smile bigger and bigger he missed playing his keyboard. Shimmy Zmizz ran up to the stage and punched the keyboard player and started playing his best and yelled DRINKING CHOCOLATE MILK IS CRAZY. OJ turned around and said smooth new band name bro DCMC I like it.

-Tiny hearts Stardood



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