Theories topic for March 24, 2014:

Why did a tribe of monkeys decide to live in caves in the desert, rather than somewhere with trees?

Theory of the Week:

Normally monkeys enjoy swinging from trees, chowing down on banana bunches and eating the bugs that they pick out of one another’s fur. However the joys of a chimp’s life is put on hold when sickness and disease constrains them. Years ago a group of primates from the contaminated swamp lands of Deep Darkness were identified as being critically ill by the mystical guru himself- the Talah Rama.

The Rama was on a worldwide excursion encouraging humanity and spreading good will amongst others and when he arrived to the Deep Darkness swamp he located a tribe of monkeys suffering from the harsh conditions of their poisoned habitat. Seeing that the monkeys were on the verge of death the Talah Ramah nobly saved the entire tribe and brought them to the caves of Dusty Dunes Dessert for medical treatment, rehabilitation and to train them in the way of the Ramah.

Their training began once their condition was stabilized and it consisted of- the art of teleportation, trade and bargaining and the assistance of helping others who are in need. Once their health had returned to complete restoration the Talah Ramah would send them out on special assignments helping others. Some were sent out to Deep Darkness to help other animals who were sick, others would search throughout Eagleland finding hungry people and would feed them pizzas, picnic lunches, fresh eggs, king bananas, skip sandwiches and protein drinks. If a monkey excelled in their training then they would have the special honor of serving as a courier delivering messages for the Ramah himself!

One of the messenger monkeys by the name of Kyaka Kyakyekyai had the privilege of sending an invitation from the Ramah to Ness and company allowing them to meet the entire tribe and allowing them to learn the art of teleportation. The Talah Ramah communicated to his tribe from the day that he first rescued them that they would always have the freedom to return to their homeland as they desired. Though free to leave at any time all the monkeys that were rescued have remained living in the caves with the Talah Ramah who has brought them to health, taught them multiple skills and has offered them a family that they now consider to be their very own.

-- JesusLovesNess

I hear low humidity is good for storage:

Deep Darkness was well suited for a monkey. It had trees, and it had grass; it even had magic little truffles that they would eat from time to time. Heck, they even had a hotel and a doctor. There was one gigantic problem, however. There was nowhere for the monkeys to put their miscellaneous items.

Every day, the monkeys collected items and put them in their favorite chests, but they couldn't scatter them around as they pleased. The chests just sunk into the depths of the swamp, forever forgotten. Eventually, Man K. Man became sick of this.

"Ka ki ku ku ka ka!" This meant, "I'm sick of losing our items to the swamp... we need to move somewhere with less water for items to sink in!"

"Ke ke ki ko ko?" said one of his monkey friends. This meant, "Surely we need to go somewhere very dry... but the Scaraban desert is too dangerous."

The monkey tribe eventually settled upon the Dusty Dunes Desert between Threed and Foruside. However, they had no idea how they would get there. Luckily for them, a man travelling by was able to help.

"I am the Talah Rama," the man said. "I am one of the enlightened. I will teach you the way of the teleportation, and you can go where you please."

During his time training the monkeys the ways of Teleport, he grew so fond of them, he decided to live with them in their new cave where they store their random items. His only request was to be blocked in by an iron pencil so he could meditate in solitude.

And that is the story of the monkeys.

-- Ostricho

That sunstroke's a killer:

It was a very hot day in Fourside. Ness and Jeff were off trying to find trout flavored yogurt. Apple Kid sent a delivery man to bring the yogurt but it seems he lost it in the desert. The delivery person was complaining about being so thirsty and started mumbling about how giants were running around wreaking havoc.

With this information, Ness and Jeff set off to the desert very confused about the delivery person’s statement. However, since they needed the yogurt they went into the Dusty Dunes Desert. Once there, they felt they fully understood the power of the sun. The desert was scorching hot and the ground under their feet felt like coals that were burning through their shoes. They continued on through the pain trying to find clues as to where the delivery man could have dropped the yogurt.

After what felt like ages, they saw something in the distance and decided to pursue it. When they made it to their destination, they saw a monkey standing near a hole. The monkey exclaimed that the yogurt was down that hole. They two boys climbed down the hole, soon to find something unbelievable. It was like a colony of monkeys down in the hole. They all were asking for different things like pizza and sandwiches that Ness couldn’t grasp what was happening. They made it through the cave and eventually found the monkey’s master. The man told them that his name was Talah Rama and that he was here to help. The man told Ness and Jeff to brace themselves because what was about to happen was going to hurt. Ness and Jeff braced themselves…SLAP! Talah Rama slapped the two boys out of their confusion. The boys couldn’t believe it, they were hallucinating! The heat had made them see a mirage which they thought was filled with monkeys in a cave.

The man, Talah Rama was simply a passerby going to Dalaam to meditate when he saw the two boys stumbling around babbling incoherently. He hoped that slapping them would awaken them from their confusion and was right because it did. The two boys were shaken up but were fine. Talah Rama started walking away eating yogurt when Jeff took a chance. He asked the man what flavor yogurt it was in which the man replied “Well, it is Trout Flavored Yogurt! Good for the body, mind, and soul!” Ness and Jeff cried out to the man telling them that they needed the yogurt to save their friend. The kind man, gave them the yogurt and also gave them the power to teleport so that it wouldn’t melt on their way back. Ness and Jeff were finally relieved to get back to Fourside, and help their friend in need.

-- JoseD1397

Breaking through that fourth wall:

Back when Talah Rama was a young boy, he used his powers of seeing the future to communicate with people in the future. He loved chatting with people far in the future, and asking about how things changed. In the year 198X, however, he decided to push his power to the limit and speak with people in another WORLD. Trying his best, he mustered up enough strength to manage a conversation with someone who went by J_Spade, in the year 201X. J_Spade told him of the legions of people in his world, who love the adventure that would soon happen in Talah Rama's world. He explained that these people knew of Tala Ramah, and that he would help two boys in a few year's time when they came to him. He also told Tala Ramah one more thing before ending. He said that he hosted a part of these people's activities, known as "Theories", and that a theory on Tala Ramah would be happening soon.

After the talk, Tala Ramah, frightened, started construction of a cave below the deserts, and went to a place called Deep Darkness after finishing. He convinced every monkey to be his friend, and guard the caves. He then hid himself down there, and prayed every year that the conversation was fake. In time, however,he heard of two boys wandering around near his caves, and decided to see them. He realized that J_Spade said the truth. The monkeys decided that they enjoyed Tala Ramah and the caves, and stayed there with him. That's why they prefer the caves over a forest.

-- gooieooie



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