Theories topic for the week of January 25 - February 1, 2012:

The refrigerator at the top of Snowcap... it's how you get down once you're finally done. But why is it even up there? That's NOT a normal place for a fridge to be. How did it get up there? Who did it? Below are some answers!

Theory of the Week:

The refrigerator? You knocked it off the cliff!?
You don't realize the effort that went into getting it up there...

Once upon a time, in a small mole cricket hole... er, well it wasn't small, actually. I mean, full grown human-beings could probably walk through it...
Er, let me start over.
Once upon a time, in a happy mole cricket hole, little mole cricket Stu, who was no more than two, was watching TV with his family of few.
(That's like... 90 in mole cricket years. Seriously, I Googled it.)

The TV showed a commercial advertising a support group for penguins who lost their homes to global warming.
Little mole cricket Stu found the idea simply charming.

Stu had a plan. No... Stu had a vision.
He said, "Let's get to work," as he turned off the television.

Looking at the nearby green mountain, Stu got to work.
"This will make a great habitat," he said with a smirk.

But, the nearby mountain was not nearly cold enough,
and the many bears and poor weather made relocation efforts rough.

Stu hadn't given up. Stu wasn't quite through.
Calling for his family of Stu, Stew, Stewie, and スチュー,

he did what any inspirational and important mole cricket would do--
he watched TV until the night was through.

Then he saw a commercial for the E-Z Freeze Beta...
"Ah, this is the solution to this dilemma!

"Aha," said Stu, who was no more than two,
and he looked at the freezer on top, then he knew...
"this will solve the problem for not just one penguin, but two!"

Then out dashed little Stu, with a smile.
But, he knew the project would take quite a while.

"Elder Stuart! Elder Stuart," he shouted with glee,
"I have a plan! A plan! You must come see!"
"That is incredible," the elder said with glee,
"maybe we can arrange housing for not two penguins, but three!"

And so, then the order came in.
And then, all the Stus in Stu-ville begin.

The work was a chore,
but never a bore.
Because, as mole crickets always say, "this doesn't rhyme with the previous sentence!"

Working together through thick and thin,
to the top of the mountain and back again.

They brought the fridge there, but the plug wouldn't reach!
"Oh, no," exclaimed Stu, as the mole crickets gasped. "We'll need to bring at least one extension cord each!"

But mole crickets are not powerful, with their offense stat of ten,
and little Sue-Stu said, "Well, here we go again!"

On the way down the mountain, a penguin met their eyes.
The suffering habitat caught the mole crickets by surprise!

And so, with newfound motivation,
working diligently and quickly for the penguin's nation,

the mole crickets found their strength to raise tenfold!
The strength of the crickets was a sight to behold!

Each working quickly, no time to delay!
I'd think of a rhyme, but I've not much else to say!

With the fridge at the top, the mountain froze over.
I'd say more, but the story is over!

So I hope you're happy. All that work, and you ruined it. You are an awful, awful person

- BB Gang Zombie

Yeah well I guess... but do you see any outlets at Osohe Castle?! yeah i thought so:

The refrigerator on top of Snowcap Mountain… Frankly, I don’t have that much to say about this one, but here’s a possible explanation:

We know that there used to be a civilization living on the Nowhere Islands before the “White Ship” arrived from the other part of the world. These were the same people who co-existed with the Dragon for a time, before it had to be put to sleep with the Needles. These people, fearing the Dragon’s eventual awakening, left the Nowhere Islands, leaving behind various remnants of their society, such as the Osohe Castle, the Noble Spittoon, and that refrigerator. While the old citizens tried to take as much as they could with them on their mass exodus, the refrigerator just happened to be left behind. Of course, it’s completely empty; can’t go on a mass departure without food.

…So that’s it, just a white box that the past left behind…


best theory:

On the Nowhere Islands, pokey has made a lot of improvements, but it is clear that the top of the mountain only needed one thing to be truly improved.

coold beverages

- Ants

Captain Pheen-X and the Planeteers in: What's the deal with fridges?:

From the ashened questions we let burn out, Pheen-X tries to bring these questions back to life, with an inferno of answers. This weeks question, how'd Snowcap mountains get capped with a refrigerator? Well...kinda apparent I try to avoid the cold at all costs...but in the name of must be done.

Journying to the Snowcap Mountains was a pain, but a local yeti nearly knocked me out by attempting to do televised stunts clearly told not to attempt. He was about to blame me for everything until I saved his life from a few chilly dogs. He decided to repay the deed by taking me to his home under the

Upon entry and another coat, his home was filled to the brim with kitchen appliances from blenders, to ice cube trays, to dishwashers, fridges. It was easy to say...I was confused.

"Me tried to sell appliances to peoples to repay medical bills friend has." The yeti informed me. I was still lost, when a question hit the tip of my mind.

"By any chance, do you know a kid by the name of Jeff?"

"Jeff? Uh, me has pink cousin in another land. He visits and I think he said one thing about a Jeff, though his main topic seems to be about Jerky and Donuts and...ugh...Jerky Donuts." Hmm, upon these clues, I left the mountains on a journey out of the cold(with a new toaster...What, it was on discount, though I question the safety of having a toaster on a mountain of snow, but anyway) I thought I was free from the cold...I really need to punch my travel agent. My clues led me to the lab of Dr. Andonuts in Winters. I had to take on a few ducks and rams, but I met up with the balding prof. Upon my introduction, I noticed the Cave Boy trying to pound a strip of jerky into a jelly donut, and I felt this was the right place.

"So, Mr. Andonuts-"


"Don't interupt. Now, Mr. Andonuts, by any chance is Jeff home?"

"Uh, yes, one sec. JEFF!" That'll be the last time I sit in front of a Shout activated cuckoo clock.

"Ah Dad, are my sheets finally clean ye-" He froze upon seeing me, and was saved by his father.

"This here, uh..."


"Theorizer asked to see you."

"Yes, I need to ask you Jeff, have you recently fixed any kitchen appliances lately?" The whole room fell quiet, and I felt as if I was being stared at.

"K-k-kitchen appliances, Not since...November 22nd."

"May I ask...does it by chance involve a fridge?"

"HOW'D YOU...ugh, yes. You see, my friend Ness called me in asking to fix his mom's fridge so they wouldn't have to waste more of his father's money which seems to have depleted in intake. I figured it was just the chiller, so I tried to use my invention, The Instant Freeze-Breeze."

"And I'm guessing that caused it to explode?"

"What, of course not, it worked like a charm. It's just that...well let's just say you shouldn't have bottle rockets around with you at all times...especially when you're friends with a guy that uses his finger as a blow torch. You see, what'd happen was-"

"Wait, how many rockets did you have with you?"

"Uh...full inventory, and technically there were about 5 times as much."

"Multi-bottle rockets."

"Bingo. Anyway, I'd placed my pack next to the fridge so as to keep my tool nearby, and Ness tried to help...and forgot that psychic flames branch out and...well...the pack took off with the fridge." It all came together after that. Still, kinda surprised the thing didn't explode, then again, I've seen other CERTAIN movies do stranger things with fridges. My guess is that the snow must have cooled the rocket contents before explosion upon landing.

Now we know how the fridge got on Snowcap and where it came from...and who caused it to get up there.

And thus, another question is left to heat me up in a warm, toasty campfire. So this is Pheen-X saying...I want a popsicle now.

- firej7



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