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broomweed How did Brick Road/Dungeon Man come across the items and vehicles in his collection?
Wow this came out a lot longer than I expected, sorry.
6/19/13 0.00
broomweed Why has Tessie never appeared to the researchers?
1,605 words about Tendas and Tessie.
2/23/14 0.00
biehlza Police Theory
Police Theory from biehlza
4/2/12 0.00
biehlza Doc Andonuts Theory
Primarily why the Doc joined Porky in Mother 3
6/11/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: What are the hieroglyphs about?
A look at dem craaaaaaaazy aliens.
1/18/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: Why was the refrigerator there?
The Dr. Seuss version.
1/25/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Osohe Castle: A backstory
Osohe Castle! Ghost mystery solved~!
2/1/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: Magnet Hill
A civilization cannot prosper without fish feed.
2/9/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: Wooly Shambler
A story of mythical, Matryoshka doll-like creatures, and an optometry appointment.
2/15/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory:Walking Mushrooms
I swear, this is probably the reason the theories Octopus changed into Nannerpus. Bozo, what the heck did you feed that thing...?

Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM. MUSHROOM.
3/9/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory:Frankystein2
Hmmm... I hope I am not too late.
3/21/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: Magicant and Flying Man
Running a bit late, here...

Now I want some chicken :(
3/27/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: The Runaway Five
See, it's like L.A. Noire, except it's a load of bull, and you're gonna hate me at the end.
4/11/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: Stonehenge Base and the Star-businessmen.
Explains the Starman's origins, and Buzz Buzz's plot for world domination.
4/23/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory:Shigesato Itoi's Planning Meeting
The incredible final chapter in Itoi's 2-book memoir. Itoi and his wife, Kanako "Hottie Buns" Higuchi finally begin their steps toward happiness.

This theory has to be true; it was written by Itoi himself!
4/26/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: Orange Kid
A documentary of an important member of modern society.
8/14/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: Presents
"Gimme them presents! AAAAH!" -Ridley
9/10/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory:'s creation
I hear they also joined the SuperFriends and began using repeated frames of animation.
9/18/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory
A philosophical insight into Brickroad's psyche
6/19/13 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Tessie Theory
A report by the incredibly-famous Dr. Andonuts
2/21/14 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theories: Sesame Seed
A ballad.
2/24/14 0.00
Balestro Who is the Photo Man, anyway? How does he always know where you are? What's he trying to do?
I presume this is my first theory around here. I am eager to see if I can break the winning streak of JesusLoveNess. English is not my first language and I am going to make a big text, so forgive me for any mistakes.
4/13/14 0.00



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