This directory contains only submissions made through the old CMS submissions page, and nothing that was entered via forum post. Such forum posts are not searchable here, but ought to be able to be found with the forum search.


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EnnuiKing Coconut Casualty
Submission for the Theories topic “How exactly did Duster get that limp?”
10/19/11 0.00
EnnuiKing Theory for the week of November 9th-16th, 2011
Ness's Father: Gambler, Slot Brother, and Hot Dog Vendor
11/9/11 0.00
Emily The Hill That Lies Built
A theory of Liar X. Aggerate and how he came to live on a hill.
11/1/11 8.00
Emily The Death of Osohe
The tale of how a single evil man led to the downfall of a great civilization.
2/3/12 9.00
Emily The Power of Literature
An theory explaining the propensity of various creatures to carry unusual gifts.
9/5/12 0.00
EBfanatic123 Theory
Question: How did the Black and White Sesame seeds get separated? How did they even meet?
2/24/14 0.00



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