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Ostricho My Theory
This is what I think Porky did between the events of Earthbound and Mother 3.
11/24/11 0.00
islalader My Theories on how duster got his limp
what I think really is the cause of the limp
10/19/11 0.00
JoseD1397 Mr. Saturn's Experience in Happy-Happy Village
What is a Mr. Saturn doing all the way in Happy-Happy Village?
3/10/14 0.00
Ostricho Mr. Saturn Theory
My theory of the connection of the two villages of Mr. Saturns
1/16/12 0.00
firej7 Mr. Saturn of times
BoInG, ZoOm, dAkOtA, quite possibly the most popular character of ANY game, Mr. Saturn. So, we even see them in the future, but are they related?
1/17/12 0.00
Ostricho Mr. Neptune
Under house arrest.
This submission is a bit tame. I want others to get wins now so they too can enjoy the octo-badge.
3/17/14 0.00
Captain Bozo Monkeys in the Dessert
11/17/11 0.00
onakagapekopekodesu Monkeys in the Desert
My theory on why there are monkeys in the desert in Mother and Mother 2.
11/16/11 0.00
Faolan Men of Stars
A theory of these mysterious beings.
12/8/11 0.00
AmateurGamer Magypsy/Nowhere Island Theory
Very late, I know!

This theory explains the possible backgrounds of the Magypsies and the Nowhere Islands, and the Dark Dragon
2/28/12 0.00
PSI Starstorm OMEGA Magnet Hill Theory
Theory by PSI Starstorm Omega
2/12/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Magnet Hill Theory
A theory on the history of Magnet Hill, the fifth "Your Sanctuary Location in EB.
2/9/12 0.00
Ants Magnet hill Origins
hey babe
2/15/12 0.00
SaturnStorm Magnet Hill -- The Sanctuaries
This week's theory, here's my answer
2/9/12 0.00
AtomHeartMother Magnet Hill
How does it work?
2/8/12 0.00
3TripDDD Magicant: The Prequel
A therory on what Magicant is and how it is created.
10/24/12 0.00
firej7 Magicant...S?
Every dream of a grand land all your own? Of course you have, but you have been known to have strange dreams, that is...unless that land was Magicant.
1/9/12 0.00
Miles of SmashWiki Magicant Theory
From Miles of SmashWiki
1/8/12 0.00
Absoltastic Magicant Theory
Magicant. There is a place in both Mother 1 and 2 called Magicant, but are they the same place? Or the same manner of place? Or, is there something much more? What is the link between these two locales, and what is the nature of their existance?
1/4/12 0.00
MrNameless Magic Cake - Its Composition and Effects
An examination of Magic Cake - just what is it?
6/19/12 0.00



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