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METC Sword of Kings?
a theory about why the starman super has the sword of kings
3/7/12 0.00
iamohjay Sword of Kings Theory
It's exactly what it sounds like.
2/29/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Sword of King/Dalaam Theories
This is a theory suggesting the troubled past of one of my favorite EarthBound characters. Hope you like it!
3/5/12 0.00
TheDisturber Struttin Mushroom Theory
Mushroom theory by TheDisturber

3/8/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Stonehenge Base theory
You kids don't look very bright. Let me share some information with you.
4/17/12 0.00
PKSkyler Stonehenge Base
Stonehenge base was constructed as a center of operations for Gieuge's race during prehistoric times.
4/12/12 0.00
PSI Dreamer Starmen= Starmen
A crazy story
9/20/12 0.00
nightshade Starman Theory
Response to the theory topic of the week of November 7 - December 14, 2011
12/8/11 0.00
Ants Starman Super SoK theory
Starman Super SoK theory from Ants
3/1/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Slot Machine Theory
The sad history of the Slot Machine Brothers...
7/11/12 0.00
PSI Starstorm OMEGA Shambler Theory
Shambler Theory by PSI Starstorm OMEGA
2/22/12 0.00
gooieooie Sesame Seeds Theory
3/3/14 0.00
AmateurGamer Scaraba Pyramid Theory
A theory explaining the hieroglyphs about the ancient people of Scaaraba and their first encounter with Giegue's race.
1/25/12 0.00
Absoltastic Saturn's Secret

How are the Mr. Saturn in Mother 2 related to the ones in Mother 3?
1/16/12 0.00



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