Theories topic for the week of February 1 - 8, 2012::

The kingdom of Osohe was on Nowhere Island long before the White Ship arived... but by time they got there, it was ruins. What happened here? Why did the kingdom die out?

Theory of the Week:

In Leder's speech he says that the people of Earth lived along side the Dragon long ago until they could no longer coexist and they had to seal it under the Islands. The needles would be guarded by the Magypsies and pulled if it was ever needed again. It was sealed by the original inhabitants of the Islands, the Magypsies. The Dragon slept as the power of the Earth itself and protected the Islands. However, Leder says that the Islands were part of the original world that got destroyed and was the only protected area. The Hummingbird Egg stored the memories of the people of the White Ship. There is a bit of a problem when Leder discusses the original people from Osohe Castle. Osohe Castle was abandoned because they feared the awakening of the Dragon and were gone by the time the people of the White Ship got there. This means the "Dragon" which has the ability to destroy the world or start the beginnings of new bountiful things was "put to sleep” under the Islands long before the world ended. I didn’t get this until I reread the speech to write this theory.


Here's something to think about

The kingdom of Osohe knew about the Dragon and it’s power. That is why they left the Islands. That means after the Dragon was sealed under the Islands there was enough time to start a kingdom on top of it.

The people of the White Ship must have gone through some terrible experiences or may have done some horrible things to want to wipe their memories and start over. Also how were they the only ones to survive if the world knew about the power of the Dragon?

The Dragon was really an alien craft of some sort housing a doomsday device, but also great technology that could benefit man. I liked the ancient aliens documentary’s interpretation of the Chinese legend in this situation. The Gods rode down from the heavens in a “great dragon” and walked out from it’s belly to rule over the people. Maybe there are a few races of aliens in the old world. The Magypsies being one of them, and maybe another race came to live amongst humans on Earth in the past. They came in a giant ship, “the Dragon,” and soon problems arose between the Humans, the Magypsies and the new race. There was a great war to defeat the aliens and the ship was taken over. It was too powerful to be kept by humanity and the Magypsies and was the ultimate power. It was sealed away because of the corruptible human and Magypsy nature.

The kingdom of Osohe was started in search for the Dragon many years after it was sealed away underground. The King wanted ultimate power and followed the legends. They built their castle around a needle and started the search for the other 6. When the 5th needle was found the people of the kingdom began to worry that the Dragon might actually be woken up. They began to revolt and the king ordered them to be slaughtered by the army. Even though all of the needles had been found they could not be pulled. Everyone who survived left the Islands in fear of the king who would eventually lock himself in a chamber and be absorbed by his love for music as he slowly passed away in defeat.

The people of the White Ship were involved in the destruction of the world and may have been the cause of the deaths of many people. They erased their memories to start a new life when they found the abandoned lands and the Osohe kingdom.


Bard Quest, or, Snakes in a Drain:

Once, Osohe Castle was a center for culture, trade, and power. It was, for a time (a mere moment in the scheme of things) something of a Utopia. But power and politics inevitably draw the attention of those who would do evil.

The deaths of the residents of Osohe Castle - from King to scullery maid - began with such a man.

He came into the castle gates under the guise of a travelling minstrel. A lute slung over his back, a piccolo tucked under his arm, and a jaunty feathered cap (coupled with the lackadaisical demeanor of guards who had never before faced threat) made his invasion simple. Nobody bothered to check that the piccolo wasn't even hollow and the lute sported a pair of tiny hinges and a latch.

Inside of that lute awaited the death of Osohe and the end of a prosperous era.

In the night, the intruder lifted the latch and slipped the contents of the mock instrument into the bed of Osohe's ruler. In the morning, the King was dead and the minstrel was gone. What happened to that man is largely unknown, though it it believed that he fathered a line of great theives that lives even today.

The death of the King was a mystery. The castle lamented his death with a fervor never before seen in Osohe. Word spread, and the country fell into mourning. The commerce, art, and culture that had once thrived ground to a sudden hault.

But Death did not. Over the next few weeks, other individuals in the castle died. Their deaths were painful yet swift. Those residents who had not yet succumbed fled for their lives, taking their families with them.

Within just a few weeks, Osohe was barren. Everyone had either fled or died.

Finally finding peace after weeks of having been nearly crushed by shoes, sleeping bodies, and scooting chairs, the tiny venomous snake that the minstrel-assassin had smuggled into the castle squirmed its way into a dark, damp crevase that led it down, down, down into the warm, wet dungeon that it would call home for centuries to come.

- Emily


They were probably the (big) family of an eccentric millionaire who chose for everyone to just go live isolated in a island in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, the last night’s casserole didn’t go very well… (A way to say that they died of food poisoning.)

- Mutoh

Today I learned that without guns, people don't die:

I’d say the inhabitants were the more Noble residents of the old world, or perhaps the royalty of that era. They must have died of natural causes. I mean, there weren’t any guns during that time, and I assume it would be heavily guarded. The ghosts, I assume, are simply wandering the old hallways, as if they are still guarding, strolling or just simply walking.

- PSI Starstorm OMEGA

It turns out that Toothpaste is toxic in large amounts:

Osohe Castle... Osohe Castle.

This one is very difficult to explain.

The ghosts in Osohe castle were always ghosts. Well... most of them.

You see, back in Tazmily's earlier years, before the settlers of the White Ship, a kingdom led by the noble King Osohe stood tall, towering above anything you can imagine.

King Osohe and his wife worked diligently to maintain cleanliness, as was custom in Osohe. A single speck of dirt would drive the Queen mad! But, one day, a large horde of ghosts moved in, covered in dirty, dusty filth.

So what they did was hire walking brooms to take care of the filthy ghosts. These "Ghost Dusters," as they were called, were meant to destroy all of the dust ghosts, and place them in the trash can nearest to the Needle. What they didn't anticipate was that, while it removed the dust from a ghost, the ghost itself was left behind...

King Osohe, in his brilliant, collected mind, was always prepared... or so he thought. He tried to make the castle uninhabitable for the ghosts by making it smell. We're talkin' major stinkage here.

This plan completely backfired. The ghosts, as you can see from their sprites in the game... didn't have noses. In fact, the ghosts loved to walk in the mucky, gaseous stink cloud. They made it into a game, called "passing gas."

The kingdom tried many things to get the stench out. They tried Mach Pizza air fresheners, bleach, pickle juice...

Eventually, they decided on the most potent cleaner of all-- minty freshness.

What? A Fresh Mint? Are you nuts? A whole castle filled with Fresh Mints in little hand-wrapped presents. Really.

They filled the entire castle from floor to cieling with toothpaste. This toothpaste was nearly a full-blown, concentrated mint smell. While it did get the stink out, it had a very unintentional side-effect...

Did your parents ever tell you that you aren't supposed to swallow toothpaste? You're not. The fluoride in the large amount of toothpaste caused the entire castle to contract fluoride poisoning.

And thus, all of the Osohe Castle inhabitants lost their noses-- er I mean, passed on. And the lesson to learn here today, is that you shouldn't fill a castle with fluoride toothpaste(Or swallow it I guess, but, I mean, who does that?).

- BB Gang Zombie



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