The Best of IRC

Volume #3

The truth about EB.Net

<Natechan> you know what scares me...
<Mr_T> that we run a domain name web site?
<Mr_T> but act like this?

Food, Foos, and Moos.

<Plo> so, now what?
<Plo> reidman, how old were u again?
*** Tomato changes topic to ''
<reidman> 16
<reidman> i was 4 at one point
<Plo> your'e a year older than me then
<Plo> hey, i was 5 once!
<Tomato> hey me too
<Tomato> I'm glad to be among others with the same problem
<Plo> wow! we have so much in common!
<Plo> lol
<reidman> heheh
<reidman> My name is reid...and I was a kid once.
<reidman> "Hi, reid!"
*** Tomato changes topic to 'Kids Anonymous'
<reidman> bwahaha
<Plo> Hi, my name is Steven, i have a problem with food. I tend to eat it. ..... *sniff*
<Plo> what your problem Tomato?
*** ADIDAX is now known as M_Tyson
<Tomato> oh
<reidman> "Hi, Plo!"
<M_Tyson> Its ludicrous
<Plo> hi
<Tomato> I think I'm food
<Plo> lol
<reidman> "Hi, food!"
* M_Tyson sez yummy food
<Plo> MMMMM food
<M_Tyson> Ludicrous
*** Tomato is now known as Mr_T
<reidman> No one here has to be a kid for long. With our 10-year plan you can become an adult.
<Mr_T> I ain't no food sucka
<Plo> lol
*** reidman is now known as SupaFly
<SupaFly> You wanna go?
<Mr_T> you da food foo
<SupaFly> foo?
<Giygas> hey, I was 6 years old at one time
<M_Tyson> Mr.T Mike Tyson challenges you
<SupaFly> Foo, I'm not da food, you da food, tofoo food, foo!
<Plo> lol
<M_Tyson> food is ludicrous
<Mr_T> I can take yall on suckas
* M_Tyson puts up his dukes
*** Plo is now known as HolyCrap_
<HolyCrap_> Dang
* Mr_T gets the T Van
*** HolyCrap_ is now known as Holy-Fiel
<M_Tyson> lol
*** Holy-Fiel is now known as Da_Foo
<Ultimoo> looks like a trip to the 80s to me
<SupaFly> hey moo, you da food, foo!
<Giygas> X is my best friend!
<Da_Foo> Im da foo!
<Giygas> Hey, X, how are you?
<Giygas> yeah
*** Mr_T is now known as No
<No> no
<SupaFly> sorry moo, dat foo da_foo is da food, foo!

Clowns are freakin scary. Don't you ever forget it.

<reidman> AAAaaAAa! CLowNs!! RUN!
<Natechan> hehe....I dont even need the special shoes
<Natechan> ever seen killer clowns from outer space?
<Disco-Stu> no
<Natechan> goood movie
<reidman> Yes, they tried to eat my socks. i told them to blow it out their ears and they
  were insulted because their ears are so big. i tried to explain that i wasn't talking about
  their ears, but they just left crying
<Natechan> I cant find "the best of #earthbound"?
<reidman> gwaaaaargh
<Natechan> LOL+ROFL
<Natechan> LOFL

Sound investment advice from the experts

* Disco-Stu is actually planning to buy a copy of Mother 2
<Natechan> hehe..I thought about that...but..
<Natechan> you'de need a super famicom
<Disco-Stu> I could just get a converter, I thing
<Disco-Stu> think
<Disco-Stu> But I'd buy an SF if I had to
<Natechan> oy...
<reidman> you should send all the money to EB.Net. its a wise investment, Peter
  Lynch said so. *this small bit of stupidity paid for by the Merrill-Lynch foundation*
<Natechan> ROFL
<Natechan> .........*clear*...
<Natechan> oh..thanks guys
<Disco-Stu> After this whole conspiracy debacle...
<Disco-Stu> I don't know
<Disco-Stu> Before this I might have
<Disco-Stu> But now I'm not so sure
<Natechan> so I should skip the metro and make a huge investment in
<Natechan> whats the priorities?
<Natechan> and the insurance policy?
<reidman> yes. and make sure there's enough money for blueberry muffins or we'll use the money
  to hire a hitman
<Natechan> ...oh
<Natechan> I got into a 5 speed for the first time...

Celeb Impersonations are fun until someone gets hurt.

* Tomato turns around and confronts Simmons
<reidman> uh oh. bad idea tomato
*** Tomato is now known as Mr_T
<Mr_T> bwahahaha
<Mr_T> you ain't no match fa me sucka!!!
<reidman> lol
<reidman> ROFL
*** ADIDAX is now known as Capn_Crun
* Mr_T bashes Simmons with his humongous fists
<Capn_Crun> grr
* Mr_T gets the T Van
* Mr_T leaves.
<reidman> haha
*** reidman is now known as R_Simmons
<R_Simmons> Oh! My beautiful face!
<Mr_T> ack
<Mattchan> I can see it
*** Capn_Crun is now known as B_Barker
<Mattchan> =P
<R_Simmons> Stop it! You're being so mean! Stop it!
<Mr_T> He can't be killed!!
*** Plo changes topic to 'Mr. T Fan Club - First 20 people to beat up Richard Simmons gets free
replica mohawks!'

* R_Simmons pushes Mr_T
<R_Simmons> silly boy!
<B_Barker> MR T Come on DOWN!!!
<Natechan> hmmmmm
<Mattchan> black background
*** Mr_T changes topic to 'Celebrity Impersonation Chat'
<Natechan> yaya
* R_Simmons acquires the Richard Simmons lisp
<Mr_T> ha ha!!
<R_Simmons> Hey everybody, looky who the kitty drug in!
<Mr_T> drug? Ain't no drugs in my channel foo!
<R_Simmons> ROFL
<Natechan> .....
<Natechan> ok, I think Ive seen enough of this