The Best of IRC, Version Two

Volume #2.7

It worked for Bender! Though he was a robot...

<Traceh> people are pathetic.
<EB_Girl> Yes people are pathetic. Be a penguin!
<Traceh> lol

We call that a Freudian slip

<CherryBomb> "I LOVE hearing 'You've got male!'"
<BuddyLee> ...
<CherryBomb> err
<bulma_saturn> (wishful thinking?)

Like you'll get a straight answer here

<dokutake> how does one get a newspro pass?
<a_passerby> you beep your nose 3 times and pray to the magical windex bottle
<DrBoris> lol
<dokutake> &Y*%(#

You put him through all that misery...

<Jamie_M> -Frank- can you unbanish teh frnak? i was flooding by accident and i was talking this
  whole time and no one talked back and i'm like wtf and then i cried now i'm better
<Jamie_M> LOL
*** Jamie_M sets mode: -b [email protected]
<Frank> :(

I think we just call them a "noodle"

<Traceh> btw, I'm eating spegetti.
<Traceh> or whatever the spelling for that is.
<BuddyLee> spaghetti :)
<Anthadd> I believe the singular is spaghetto. Not sure, though.
<Traceh> as in a singular noodle, Anth?
<Traceh> like, I'm eating a spaghetto since I'm on a diet?
<AmzRigh> lol

Oh yeah, they took it that far...

<Frank> hey EBFan, we all know who your valentine is gonna


<BuddyLee> <Falcon24> SLing? No pants? Deal me in!
<Falcon24> ^UW#$^
<Falcon24> SHUT UP!!!!

The mental image of a potential anti-terrorism commercial?

<Jamie_M> the one where his mom comes home
<Jamie_M> and hugs him in the living room
<Jamie_M> and then the family comes in
<Jamie_M> and they're like WE HIJACKED FLIGHT 900$^#!^


<MrAccident> ping me
<MiniLee> no
<MrAccident> >:|

Hope the cardboard didn't chafe your lips

<ctoner> how did your date go
<Falcon24> it was awesome
<Umi> I bet she's a 2-d cut out lol

   One liners & Shorts

<Gerbil> It means that Martha Stewart will consume your soul tomorrow at noon.


<diospadre> are you going to complain about not getting a dvd player in your next toaster?

<Jonkster> i'm a dirty blond

* BuddyLee burped and blew his nauseating breath at Plo! Plo became somewhat nauseous...
<Jonkster> guru, we dont have to be nauseous from your breath, your face will do just fine

<Poo> SLing, they figure that if they dated you, they could at least use you as a floatation

<MiniLee> dude theres this girl in half my classes who keeps flirting with me but she has a
  boyfriend and frankly he scares me
<Poo> How does she flirt? "Hey, you're blocking the chalkboard!"?

<Skulryk> Let's play "Where's SLing" (like Where's Waldo but for the not-so-smart kids)

<MikeTheEBGuru> 'cause Stone Cold Arn Anderson said so

<a_passerby> "Drunken fireman calls in 15 false alarms, responds to 12 of them"

<Jim> ew guru. smilies were not meant to be used by you. it's creepy. like an old guy riding
  one of those 25 cent department store mechanical ponies

<dragondyne> this bag of water just pooped on me
<dragondyne> WTF POPPED

<AkumaGM> Just remember folks, that if you eat your sleep, feed your vegetables, drink your
  dog, stay in milk, brush your school, say no to teeth, and get at least eight hours of drugs,
  everything will be okay.

<Aquas> yeah so I was in funcoland and I saw a fly and then I think to myself "A no good fly,
  this can't b good" so I swatted it! and I hummed my fanfare and shouted, "Yes! 12 experience

<Ultros> I was disqualified from the Biathlon for using a machine gun.

<EBFan2000> life wouldn't be worth living without the simpsons