The Best of IRC

Volume #26

No advertising in the channel!

* Ramza will do some blant advertizing.
<CursedBurger> Blant?
<Ramza> ok
<Ramza> I'm done
<waffy> ack ugh
<CursedBurger> Stone colored fuzio.
<CursedBurger> Using a stone paintbrush, of course.
<waffy> BAD BAD BAD
<Cyan683> ......
<CursedBurger> Can you say "hypocrite"
<TsengRenoSeph> That was pointless
<TsengRenoSeph> Arrgh.
*** CursedBurger is now known as MrRogers
<diospadre> i got to round 24 on codebreaker
<MrRogers> Can you say "hypocrite"?
* Yrena hums and thinks
<Yrena> Should I sell my spooky and space treasure map pieces?
<diospadre> maybe shutting down neopets is gods way of telling me to study
<diospadre> i have 2 pieces of mapas
<Yrena> and what about this useless gold card? I could get some money with this.
<Ramza> ....
<PokeFaq> LOL
<MrRogers> Very good!
<diospadre> elmer
<Ramza> more advertizing...
<Ramza> #EarthBound!!! #EarthBound!!! #EarthBound!!!

ph33r p33r

<EBaholic> Peer eh?
<EBaholic> I'm on to you peer >:D
<EBaholic> *** |Dan| has quit IRC (Read error to |Dan|: Connection reset by beer)
<Ness42> rofl
<EBaholic> See I told dan that would be his downfall
<Aquas> wtf?

Good Ole X

<MTEKevin> my favorite letter?
<MTEKevin> hmm
<MTEKevin> maybe X
<MTEKevin> X for the unknown! X for enigmatic!
<Jim> but I love you. You're the only reason I stay here instead of going east to yale to
  finish college
<Rune> I've always been partial to I
<[Frank]> Quit it about X
<Orbfighter> B. l3
<Orbfighter> :D
<[Frank]> makes me cry
<MTEKevin> X for anything and everything!
<[Frank]> *sniff*
<MTEKevin> not that X you dummy
<MTEKevin> the letter X

Don't Try This at Home

* Flammie flies all about
<sKaNkPiT> sweeeet chicken
* FlyHoney tosses flammie a parachute (safety first!)
* Rune takes out a shotgun
<Rune> It's coming right for us!!!!!
* Rune shoots Flammie out of the sky
<FlyHoney> safety first!
<FlyHoney> nooooooo!
* Jamie_M shoots 50 deer
<FlyHoney> I never got a chance to tell her I loved her......
* FlamBGone dies
* Rune takes out his combat knife and slits FlyHoney's throat
<FlyHoney> ack!
<Jamie_M> .....
<Jamie_M> Thats pretty graphic
<FlyHoney> wait a sec, I'm a jar, I don't have a throat!
<FlyHoney> hah!


* Flammie dumps Aquas in a waterless container
* Aquas is water
<Flammie> Exactly.
<sKaNkPiT> ?
<Anthadd> Flammie: Once you drop Aquas in the container, the container contains water.
* Aquas is water.
<Flammie> So it's not waterless nomore.
<sKaNkPiT> ......
<Flammie> No kidding sherlock


<Ramza> Next person to enter is a SUPER-DUPER LOSER!!!
*** Ramza was kicked by EBaholic (hehehe, that kickles)
*** Ramza ([email protected]) has joined channel #EarthBound
*** Cyan683 ([email protected]) has joined channel #earthbound
<EBaholic> Hi Mr. "SUPER-DUPER LOSER!!!" :D
<Ramza> !
<Ramza> Almost!
<Cyan683> ?
<EBaholic> Ba ha ha ha, beat you at your own game I did!
<Ramza> >:|
<EBaholic> Heh heh heh... Ya loser.

I Think Were Alone Now

<EBchick> we are the only nonidle people, hehe
<EBaholic> this is true
<EBaholic> very true
<EBaholic> :D
<OnionXAWAY> nah
<EBaholic> wtf
<EBaholic> :D
<EBchick> hehehehe
<EBchick> lofl

   One liners & Shorts

* Flammie hits Anthadd for trying to be smart

<sKaNkPiT> i farted on the set of the blue lagoon

* RuneAWAY eats Fidel Castro

<Anthadd> How can you kick water in the shins, or sit on its head?

* Orbfighter steals Anthadd's ear.

<Orbfighter> wow I look like ross perot, orbies shouldn't have ears