From the brilliant mind of one of's greatest artists, comic artist, and cartoonist, SaturnStorm, comes a new and exciting project that hailed lots of participation and contribution!

"As collaborative projects have risen in popularity, I figured I’d direct people towards something Mother related, with an easygoing deadline. Thus, the Porky-Bot project was born! The guidelines weren’t all typical of the past collab projects — no backgrounds, and no colour — but people rose to that splendidly, presenting a wide range of differing Porky-bots in all forms of greyscale. Many of them were new to the idea, and had been previously intimidated by the long-standing artists of the site. But seeing what they were all able to accomplish here — all 34 of them — it’s safe to say they should all be proud of these results."


Click on the image to see the full size version.

Contributing artists: Absoltastic Amstrauz, Aviarei, BlueDrago, Burglin Pork, CrouchingMouse, Dr.Sandman, Elobo, Erikku8, FlintNorris 9001, Frozenskin, Furball200x, Hostile, IcyAntoid, Jojora, LucasClaus, Marcotto, Mercurial Magypsy, METC,Minawakitten, Mutoh, Nintendopixel, NorthofOnett, .orangecake., Platinatina, qpringle1, RuneDevros, SerialPsychosis, Sith, TC Animorph, Tallasisco, Tamekichi, WithAHintofLemon, Yoshistar



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