Welcome to the Fanfiction Section! This is where we store all of the stories written by fans based on the EarthBound/MOTHER Universe. Ranging from re-writes to original stories, we have practically every take on the series. Of course if we don't happen to have something you like, feel free to pick up your pen and contribute!

If you have a new fanfic contribution to make, be sure it adheres to the guidelines first. We can't guarantee that your fic will make it into our archives if you don't pay attention to the guidelines! Please use this form to submit your works, and make sure you send it to "Fanfiction".

Note: We accept submissions in .html, .rtf, .txt, or .doc format. Please save your story as one of these format types, including converting .docx (Word 2007) files to .doc (Word 2003), before submitting

If you'd like to get a little feedback on your work, feel free to post it in the Writing Forum.

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Icon Tragic Reconstruction by Gamegrumpsman
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Icon The Love of a Child by CerealQueen
Icon One Last Song by Lotus_Blue
Icon It's Chimera Research! 2nd Draft by Gamegrumpsman

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