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CarbonTiger414 Origins of Mother
My first fanfic on the probable backstory of the brief and vague prologue to Mother/Earthbound Zero, of what might have happened in detail to George and Maria 80 years prior to Ninten's fateful journey.
3/31/09 0.00
Lotus_Blue One Last Song
This was written for a prompt on Tumblr, which I worked on for the most of last Thursday. Slightly inspired by a certain vid on YouTube, and being reminded a lot of the song “Dead Boy’s Poem” by Nightwish, my mind instantly went “man, I’ve got to write this!” and cracked open a file in Google Documents.

Set many years after the events of Mother/Earthbound Zero, Ninten and Ana are miles away from home, faced against a certain evil enity. But will Ana be able to tell Ninten something she's been meaning to let him know?
9/7/13 0.00



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