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Dannondorf I'm Ready
Ness's thoughts as he leaves Magicant.
10/19/06 0.00
Dannondorf Ripped Apart
Earthbound fanfic. A less pleasant take on Poo's final trial in Mu training.
10/19/06 0.00
Stevesesy Hometown Hero by Stevesesy
Onett is invaded by alien ghosts of a mechanincal nature.
10/20/06 0.00
Incendio The Determination to Succeed
A sweet little story of Halloween that takes place a few years before the events of Earthbound centering around Ness and his sister.
10/29/06 0.00
Tranquilizer All They Want to Erase For Christmas
A fanfic about an iron paperclip appearing in Twoson. Hilarity ensues.
12/13/06 0.00
Bramble A Silver Bodied Destiny: The Starman Junior Story
The story of Starman Junior on his last day and his final encounter with an old adversary and a budding hero.

There's also some bit with a pair of sesames.
12/18/06 0.00
Sappho The Night Before Exmas
It's a bit corny, but cute, tale of Ness's Exmas eve.
12/19/06 0.00
Dannondorf Gift from Above
A short Earthbound fanfic about the way items are contained in gift boxes.
12/30/06 0.00
garfep Meteor
If the meteor had fallen on December 23rd and landed on Ness's house. Beginning of a story that might eventually be expanded.
1/4/07 0.00
F. Jammes A Nativity Scene
Cameos but no camels.
1/9/07 0.00
Incendio A Different Sort of Christmas Present
Ness gets an unexpected delay on the way to Paula's Christmas party and ends up giving a unexpected Christmas present.
1/14/07 0.00
TendaRedux Awake?
A single conversation, 2AM Christmas morning, and its long-reaching long-touching ramifications.
1/14/07 0.00
nessman0 Ness Saves Christmas - Chapter one
Part one of an epic fanfic that envolves your favorite hero, Ness, sacing the world, and Christmas!
1/18/07 0.00
EvanH EB One
The first chapter of a planned full-length novelization of Earthbound (Mother 2). Read and post your comments; depending on how things go, I may write further. 14 Chs. planned in total by my current reckoning, but do I go on writing them...
2/16/07 0.00
SaturnStorm Plushies
"So what if I'm 15 and still like plushies? There's nothing wrong with that!" -- A oneshot of Ness and Paula in a toystore one weekend.
2/26/07 0.00
skyrunner14 Mr. Saturn's Adventure: Chapter 1
The first chapter in my first fanfic!
Please enjoy!
3/1/07 0.00
skyrunner14 The Mr. Saturn Legacy, Part One
The first of a three part story full of chills, thrills, and possibly even a laugh or to. I also strive to explain the connection between Mother 1 and 2, although we won't see how until PART TWO! Dun-dun-dun!
3/20/07 0.00
matilda_caboose Forgiveness - Chapter 1
The somewhat interesting storyline begins...
6/12/07 0.00
Shadders Devil in the Machine ch.3
An unexpected visitor arrives at the Andonuts lab, and the two heroes decide a plan of action. The third chapter in the series Devil in the Machine.
6/11/07 0.00
Shadders Devil in the Machine ch.2
As Jeff and the Doctor ruminate over the implications of the discovery, a boy in a far off town wonders about his future. The second chapter of the series Devil in the Machine.
6/11/07 0.00



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