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Shadders Devil in the Machine
For centuries the Devil's Machine has lain dormant since the defeat of Giygas, but four years after the events of 199X, it has mysteriously begun to function once again. Has Giygas returned? Can he be stopped? And who will rise to stop him? The first chapter of a planned series.
6/11/07 0.00
Stevesesy The Last Native
The deserted desert is actually where he belongs.
6/18/07 0.00
Fabricati Diem Prophet
A tiny little tale, too tiny for the contest, but still, we hope, of some worth.
7/3/07 0.00
JungNam Ness's Nightmare
As Eagleland settles into a time of peace a shadow begins to creep across the land again.
7/7/07 0.00
Curry Petroleum
Battle fiction between Angela and Erie.
7/21/07 0.00
dalaaminmind Ness awakes
Part One of more
7/25/07 0.00
NKing729 The Journal of Jeff Andonuts
An adaptation of the EarthBound as seen through the thoughts of our hero inventor Jeff. Updated weekly.
9/16/07 0.00
Mansion Maniac The Halloween Heist
Someone has stolen all the candy in Eagleland! Now Ness has to go out in search of the one stealing all the candy in order to save Halloween!
11/7/06 0.00
monotoli93 The_Fuzz
this is the story i made, The_Fuzz. may i hope you read it and enjoy it all.
11/7/06 0.00
NKing729 The Journal of Jeff Andonuts - Entry 5
Entry #5 - Jeff describes his tuff night.
10/6/07 0.00
Shadders Devil in the Machine ch.6
A new friend from the history books steps onto the scene as a battle erupts under Alphed's streets.
10/4/07 0.00
Shadders Devil in the Machine ch.5
Dustin charges forward to meet a strange foe and discovers newfound power in the process.
10/4/07 0.00
Shadders Devil in the Machine ch.4
Two heroes find old horrors rekindled in the depths of the earth as a boy awakens to the sound of a meteor.
10/4/07 0.00
PoeTrader The Sun Never Sets on Dreams
The Magic Cake Lady remembers a fun day from her past.

Originally written for a fanfic contest that was promptly forgotten about. Props to SimonBob and MatCab for proofreading.

Also worth noting, this picture was the inspiration for the main character:
10/2/07 0.00
Shamanic Shaymin The Meadow's Muse
This ficlet was written for bluewolf487, who likes Jeff/Paula and wanted me to scribble something about 'em. :) I've been kinda brainwashed by adorable fanart of Jeff/Paula, so I think they're kinda cute now. XD Plus, they're intelligent blondes... together, they fight crime and stereotypes! *DUNDUNDUN* That, and I've been reading fanfic lately and it's always poor Jeff that gets the short end of the stick when it comes to triangles. Since most Jeff/Paula is "OH SNAP NESS", I wanted to write something where it was just the two of them with just fluff and no drama. For just once, let poor Jeff get the girl. ;D
9/26/07 0.00
NKing729 The Journal of Jeff Andonuts - Entry 3 & 4
Entry's 3&4. Hope you like them.
9/22/07 0.00
Wasuremono Magic for Beginners
As three of the Chosen Four learn, love is a mystery, whether it's dying or starting anew.
9/22/07 0.00
Wasuremono Of Faith and Ferris Wheels
Ness and Paula's first date doesn't go entirely as planned.
9/22/07 0.00
NKing729 The DarkNess
An adaptation of the events between Mother 2 and 3, made especially for HFF '07. Happy Halloween Indeed!
10/10/07 0.00
Rabid Dog Giyigs' Release
Giyig's Final Moments before the Devil's Machine is turned off.
10/18/07 0.00



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