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Jim A Map of Threed
A huge and freaky story of the gruesome intersection between Ness, Paula, Poo, and a zombie police force.
3/26/05 0.00
Wasuremono A Matsuri-Eve Letter
Jeff's not going to make the EB no Matsuri party this year.
12/11/08 0.00
James A Mysterious Girl - Chapter 1
A soldier from the future warns that things are about to change.
2/13/05 0.00
James A Mysterious Girl - Chapter 2
A soldier from the future warns that things are about to change.
2/13/05 0.00
James A Mysterious Girl - Chapter 3
A soldier from the future warns that things are about to change.
2/13/05 0.00
F. Jammes A Nativity Scene
Cameos but no camels.
1/9/07 0.00
EBounding A New Peace
A kid from a different moves into Foursides and manages to befriend Ness. He finds himself tied up in an adventure with Ness and his friends.
3/26/05 0.00
Bramble A Silver Bodied Destiny: The Starman Junior Story
The story of Starman Junior on his last day and his final encounter with an old adversary and a budding hero.

There's also some bit with a pair of sesames.
12/18/06 0.00
Pyrite A Storm of Stars
A highly imaginative, deeply intriguing tale of the conception and history of the Star Master, told only as Pyrite could.
3/27/05 0.00
Hawien Shertz A Tale of Jelly and Pigs
Bored + Ness = Halloween Fun(fic)
3/26/05 0.00
PoeTrader A Tale of Two Seeds
A story about how the sesame seeds met and what drove them apart.
6/24/12 0.00
NeoPaula A Very Adonuts Christmas
A fanfic about the Andonuts family.
3/26/05 0.00
DarthBelch A Very Buzz Buzz Story
A version of how Buzz-Buzz traveled to the past.
1/28/05 0.00
GuyInSummers A Very EarthBound Halloween
A Very EarthBound Halloween - Illustrated Fanfic
3/26/05 0.00
Shadow_FF6 A Very EarthBound Halloween2
A Very EarthBound Halloween2 - Fanfic
3/26/05 0.00
dylantb A Very Saturn Christmas
3/26/05 0.00
dokutake A Very Screwed Up Christmas
This is a fanfic.
3/26/05 0.00
Bodger A Walk Through Winters
A tale offering further detail on Jeff
1/23/05 0.00
Silly_Sphere A Winters Christmas
A Christmas morning in Snow Wood in Tony's perspective. My first attempt at fanfiction.
12/25/10 0.00
Eric Bound Adventures in Eagleland - Part One
Mario, and his friends (and his enemies) warp to Eagleland via pipe. It sounds like the start of a good crossover fanfic, but has unfortunately been discontinued.
3/26/05 0.00



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