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SaturnStorm Tony's little journey (part 1)
One minute he's calling you in Summers, next time you see him he's in a tube in Stonehenge. Here's a 'why' 'fic for that.
1/16/12 10.00
MrNameless The Starman
A short story about a lone Starman who chose a different path.
2/7/12 0.00
Picky Once Upon a Summers Night
Originally submitted for the 2010 EarthBound Fanfest, this short story follows a formerly nondescript NPC through a night of romance, adventure, and terror with some of Summers' strangest characters.
2/27/12 9.00
AmateurGamer Shark Attack
A local Onett boy decides to show the Sharks who's boss!

...It's my very first, so be nice, please...
2/29/12 0.00
[email protected] Fourside Lights - Prologue Pt. 1
The War Against Giygas from the perspective of a few Foursidians.
3/3/12 7.00
[email protected] Fourside Lights - Prologue Pt. 2
The War Against Giygas from the perspective of a few Foursidians.
3/3/12 7.00
[email protected] Fourside Lights - Chapter 1
The War Against Giygas from the perspective of a few Foursidians.
3/3/12 0.00
BoogieBot If He Had Triumphed Novel Preview
The first full chapter of the rewritten "novelized" story. The rest of the story will (hopefully) be ready to read by November.
3/9/12 0.00
TheMick Letter From An Ex-Con
A letter describing an encounter from the beginning of Earthbound seen through the eyes of a common enemy.
3/17/12 0.00
Giygas999 Space Bound Prologue
Earthbound Novel Prologue!
4/17/12 0.00
SaturnStorm Tony's little journey (part 2)
The second and final chapter in this tale. Leading into the conclusion we already know about...
4/23/12 0.00
biehlza The Gorgeous Life
This fanfic is the story behind the Runaway Five's member, Gorgeous.It explains how he came to be with the Runaway Five.
4/27/12 0.00
AmateurGamer The Great Dalaam Water Crisis
A ridiculous little short story 'bout Poo.
5/21/12 0.00
PoeTrader The Brave Little Wildflower
The story of the lone wildflower on the side of the road in Threed.
5/28/12 0.00
Joker89 Earthbound: The Zombie Chronicles Chapter One
Chapter One of Earthbound: The Zombie Chronicles
6/2/12 0.00
Joker89 Earthbound: The Zombie Chronicles (Chapter Two)
This is Chapter Two of "The Zombie Chronicles".
6/4/12 0.00
PoeTrader A Tale of Two Seeds
A story about how the sesame seeds met and what drove them apart.
6/24/12 0.00
mperrett Forgotten in the Darkness
Years after his confrontation with cosmic horror, Ness's youthful resilience erodes under the stresses of adulthood. In desperation, he searches for proof that his adventures were real, and not just a product of his questionable sanity.

Note: this is a revised, more polished update to the original story I submitted awhile ago.
8/4/12 0.00
mperrett Separated by Eternity
The war against Giygas is over, and Jeff and Dr. Andonuts finally have a chance to reconcile...only to have it stolen from them.
8/7/12 0.00
PoeTrader The Room Behind the Falls
A 'fish out of water' story where two brothers discover the secret behind Grapefruit Falls.
8/28/12 0.00



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