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Cracked Bat Wrath of the War Pigs - Chapter 3
An multi-part saga offering an expansion of the earliest version of
2/6/05 0.00
Cracked Bat Wrath of the War Pigs - Chapter 2
An multi-part saga offering an expansion of the earliest version of
2/6/05 0.00
Cracked Bat Wrath of the War Pigs - Chapter 1
An multi-part saga offering an expansion of the earliest version of
2/6/05 0.00
Gamegrumpsman Tragic Reconstruction: Second Draft
A revised version of my story, dedicated to ohboy.
5/3/14 0.00
Gamegrumpsman Tragic Reconstruction
Flint and Duster face one of the first in a series of ungodly experiments...
5/1/14 0.00
nightshade TimeBound - Chapter 1: The arrival
Resubmitted, now with less typos.
3/9/09 0.00
Wasuremono Three Autumns
Melancholy Magypsy musings.
10/16/07 0.00
Carbon Dog The White World
A barren world, where "the water of life" is more precious than gold.
9/20/12 0.00
Claus' Twin The Transformation
It is Claus' transformation from emotionless Masked Man to the sorrowful young adult he may have become someday...
11/11/08 0.00
psirocker The Snowy Mountain.....fridge?
A fanfic on Mother3.

12/17/07 0.00
(Kumatora) The Overwhelming Translation
Different than other writing!
11/9/08 0.00
Curimuch The next day
Heavy spoilers. During a sleepless stormy night, Lucas gets visitors that only he can see.
2/24/09 0.00
Ostricho The Music Shop
Short story about a music shop near Tazmily.
10/24/11 0.00
Wasuremono The March of the False
A Mother 3 story: on Halloween Night, all good children stay inside.
11/2/07 0.00
Daniel-Ness's Ally The Evil Christmas Days
Basically Mother and LOZ:WW combined.
1/5/08 0.00
PoeTrader The Egg and the Chicken
Witness the invention of the default favorite food in MOTHER 3 - omurice (aka omelet rice)!
11/5/12 0.00
CircularGeometry The Deepest Darkness
An Earthbound themed short story just in time for Halloween!
10/29/08 0.00
NKing729 The DarkNess
An adaptation of the events between Mother 2 and 3, made especially for HFF '07. Happy Halloween Indeed!
10/10/07 0.00
Alantar The Bell Ringers Guild
Leder meets with another man famously associated with bells on Christmas Eve.
1/12/09 0.00
DoseiSan The Alternate Ending (to Mother 3)

What if when Lucas and co. arrived in New Pork City in time for New Years Eve, and had a big party at the Empire Porky Building? What if at that party, Pokey and a very unknowing Lucas had a bit too much eggnog and turned everything into chaos? What if Mother 3 came out in America?

It probably wouldn't go much like THIS insane comedy story!
1/12/08 0.00



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