Fan Music:

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sKaNkPiT!!! m3.mp3
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
mother 3 song. fast & loud.
2/12/06 0.00
PKSkyler Mad Bicycle
The bicycle theme is sooo lame....I wanted to make the bicycle theme a little badder, stronger, meaner, cooler!
2/3/09 0.00
Dougertous Magicant
Guitar Tab for the Magicant Theme
2/13/05 0.00
Dougertous Magicant
MIDI file to accompany guitar tab for the Magicant Theme
2/13/05 0.00
Pepsicola Magicant
A module of the Magicant theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Dougertous Magicant
Guitar tab for Magicant.
3/1/06 0.00
lewahi Magicant
This was originally requested by Tomato for his awesome Earthbound Zero hack.
2/22/07 0.00
Tansunn Magicant ("Mother on SNES" mix)
Module of an "SNES remix" for the Magicant theme.
2/8/05 0.00
Colonel Magicant (Cello)
Cello sheet music for the Magicant theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Colonel Magicant (Piano)
Piano sheet music for the Magicant theme.
2/12/05 0.00
shadow Magicant Cave
4/1/05 0.00
Pepsicola Magicant Cave
A module of the Magicant Cave theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Pepsicola Magicant Cave
A module of the Magicant Cave theme.
2/12/05 0.00
PKdekunut Magicant Remix
A little musical arrangment of Magicant I did on a Roland HP207 electronic piano.
9/11/10 0.00
warmgun Magicant Theme
Sheet music for the Magicant Theme (page one)
3/17/05 0.00
warmgun Magicant Theme
Sheet music for the Magicant Theme (page two)
3/17/05 0.00
warmgun Magicant Theme
Sheet music for the Magicant Theme (page three)
3/17/05 0.00
warmgun Magicant Theme
Sheet music for the Magicant Theme (page four)
3/17/05 0.00
warmgun Magicant Theme
Sheet music for the Magicant Theme (page five)
3/17/05 0.00
warmgun Magicant Theme
Sheet music for the Magicant Theme (page six)
3/17/05 0.00
warmgun Magicant Theme
Sheet music for the Magicant Theme (page seven)
3/17/05 0.00
warmgun Magicant Theme
MIDI file to accompany sheet music for the Magicant Theme
3/17/05 0.00
tree magypsy anthem
this song features my voice. :(
5/6/09 0.00
DEDEDEJr Magypsy Time
Magypsy theme from Mother 3.

Slow and relaxing.
8/19/08 0.00
DoseiSan Masked
Final boss music of Mother 3, freakified. Inspired and made in the mindset of the freaky 'deleted scenes of [the masked man]' vid.
10/13/07 0.00
NightTrap Memories of Mother
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
Plays during the final battle in Mother 3.
6/3/06 0.00
Rhyselinn Memory of Life
Me playing Memory of Life from Mother 3 on the piano. Love this song, and it translates really well to full piano.
6/17/13 0.00
DEDEDEJr Memory of Mother
I can't describe this song without accidentally spoiling something!

From the Final Boss Battle.
8/19/08 0.00
Kyoujin menwithmachineguns - "Otherworldly Foe"
menwithmachineguns - "Otherworldly Foe" cover from Earthbound/Mother 1!
10/11/09 0.00
Onionman Merrysville School Bass Tab
A bass tab for the Merrysville School theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Onionman Merrysville School Bass Tab MIDI
A MIDI that accompanies "Merrysville School Bass Tab" by Onionman.
2/12/05 0.00
yomendou Metal Tank Theme
Metal Tank Theme
9/27/06 0.00
PKSkyler Metropolis Onett!
a hard hitting remix of the onett theme. contains lots of bass. techno, trance, hip-hop style!
12/2/08 0.00
ThePhotoGuy Midnight in Fourside
A jazzy version of the Fourside theme.
11/5/10 0.00
kevinchai Miku sings 8 melodies
I was messing around with vocaloid. Woo
2/3/09 0.00
Taikun Mini-boss battle
The miniboss fighting theme. you hear it the first time when you fight the starman junior.
8/6/08 0.00
Artemis251 Mischevious Blues (Piano)
Simple Piano sheet music for the song 'Mischevious Blues' from Mother 3.
10/24/07 0.00
Chippychan Misplaced Revenge- Orchestra Remix
A fun little remix I made of one of my favorite battle themes from Mother 3. 8D Hope you guys enjoy it.
12/9/08 0.00
mr bassball cap molecular piano keys
Mother 2 / Earthbound - MP3

artist comments:
A remix from earthbound/mother2. From the dark side of Ness's mind in Magicant.
5/6/06 0.00
Gauntlet Money (That's What I Want)
A Runaway Five song. Enjoy my foolishly-written sax solos.
7/9/08 0.00
lewahi Monkey Caves
My friend, Nakile, and I made this.
4/4/07 0.00
DEDEDEJr Monkey's Delivery Service
The only reason I did this song is because the melody is also heard in the 'Final' Battle. :P
8/7/08 0.00
Monobrow Monobrow - Last Day Together (Love Theme Remix)
A remix of the Love Theme from Mother 3.

I also made a video and put it on [url=]YouTube[/url]

I love Mother 3, I made this song a couple days ago to capture the innocence and joy on the last day Lucas, Claus, and Hinnewa spent together. If only Flint had been there... Mother 3 is a beautiful game, and I thank Shigisato Itoi for making it, and the wonderful people that spent years translating it to English. You are wondeful people!
10/8/11 0.00
Pimpshi Monster of the Tempest
As funny as the Toto sailor is, the gripping truth was that the battle with Kraken wasn't exactly a bundle of laughs.
10/16/08 0.00
sKaNkPiT!!! Moonside
Moonside Theme (digital)
3/17/05 0.00
TheReverendAG Moonside
Earthbound / Mother 2 - MP3

Moonside...My favorite song from Eartbound. Features some acoustic guitars, a banjo, and some trippy effects.
3/11/06 0.00
raukr Mother
Mother 1 / Earthbound Zero - MP3

artist comment:
The 3 Melodies.
2/21/06 0.00
eb0ebm3 Mother (EarthBound) 8 Melodies Ocarina
Also uploaded to YouTube, this is what you get when you mix and ocarina and mother :D. Please ignore the scratching noise..that would be my dog, though it kinda fit in so I left it there. The echo effect was done in GarageBand
4/5/09 0.00
Reverend Mother - Factory
The Factory theme from Earthbound Zero on guitar. Its also meant as a loop.
5/18/08 0.00
Reverend Mother - Intro
An acoustic verion of Earthbound Zero's Intro.
5/18/08 0.00
3R2 MOTHER - Pollyanna (Remix)
A remix version of Pollyanna from MOTHER on FC

[Original Melody © Nintendo]
8/25/08 0.00
Pepsicola Mother 1 - Eight Melodies
Module of the song "Eight Melodies", from Mother 1.
2/8/05 0.00
HUBRIS Mother 1 - Fallin' Love,And
I have noticed that no one submitted this,soo...Enjoy.
3/18/10 0.00
Zafum Mother 1 - Overture
Here’s an orchestrated overture dedicated to Mother 1, based off of the title screen music. Enjoy!
4/5/11 0.00
BillySmakk Mother 1 - Plane Ride
staff comments:
Great rock recording of the Plane Ride music.
2/12/05 0.00
Tansunn Mother 1 - Youngtown (Live)
Tansunn's "live" recording of the Youngtown theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak MOTHER 1 3 in 1
A MOTHER 1 Medley featuring Bein' friends, Wisdom of the World, and All I needed was you. I WROTE NONE OF THE MUSIC. I JUST SING. XP
11/3/08 0.00
lucian Mother 1: Underground
Underground theme arranged for piano solo.
8/7/11 0.00
lucian Mother 1: Underground
Sheet music arranged for piano solo.
8/7/11 0.00
3R2 MOTHER 2 - Onett
Onett from MOTHER2 on SFC
[Original Melody © Nintendo]
8/25/08 0.00
Orphan Mother 2 - Sound Effects Remix

Remix of EB Sound Effects (digital)
3/17/05 0.00
Amena Mother 2 - Sound Stone 1
Mother 2 - Sound Stone 1

Sound Stone Theme played by a solo Oboe.
3/17/05 0.00
SLing Mother 2 - Sound Stone 2
staff comments:
SLing's recording of the Sound Stone Theme, played by an Ocarina.
3/17/05 0.00
Hawkeye Mother 2 Hula Hoop Remix
Song I made. More original music at
4/11/09 0.00
UFO1 Mother 2 mp3 Ringtones
35 mp3 files. 25 ringtones, each 21-23 seconds. 10 sound effects, each 2-6 seconds. 64-80 kbps compression. Music taken directly from game soundtrack.
7/20/06 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing– Trumpet
Bb Trumpet sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing– Trumpet
Bb Trumpet sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
gurumed mother 3 - 250-memory of life (faded mix)
it's nearly gone!
8/22/09 0.00
MasterZ MOTHER 3 - Final Batte Against King P
SPOILERS Nah just kidding
6/28/08 0.00
Katon Mother 3 - Fun Naming
The name-your-character song from Mother 3... except..

1/1/07 8.43
TMF128 Mother 3 - Theme of Love (Piano)
A piano version of the Love theme (strings not included.)
9/20/09 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak MOTHER 3 - We Miss You IN JAPAN
1/31/09 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing- Bass
Bass sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing- Bass
Bass sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing- Guitar
Guitar sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing- Guitar
Guitar sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
DEDEDEJr MOTHER 3 Final Battle
Epic. Orchestral. Awesome.

The Final Battle Theme for this guy.
5/25/08 0.00
eb0ebm3 Mother 3 Love Theme on Ocarina
Such a pretty song, and also pretty fun to play!
4/5/09 0.00
KingCheez MOTHER 3 Medley
Some of my favorites from Mother 3.
All put together in Edirol HyperCanvas.
6/27/08 0.00
MasterZ Mother 3 Opening Menu Arrange
woo this is for you katon

fade out 4 life
12/10/08 0.00
Chippychan Mother 3 Orchestra Collection
a compliment of a few Mother 3 pieces that I translated into orchestra format. Taking 3 weeks of hard work so that it could be released with the fan translation, but I'm a few days behind. xD Hopefully the peeps at will enjoy it

Love theme
Porky's theme
Gentle Rain
Memory of Mother
18 melodies
8 melodies
10/18/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Mother 3 Piano Medley
A Mother 3 Piano medley with some of the better songs. Over 6 Minutes Long!

I could have made it much longer...but I thought 6 minutes was pushing it. :P

Listen and see if your favourite song is played! Or just read the list...

Theme of Love

Mother 3 Logo

Piggy Guys

Unfounded Revenge

Strong One

'Final' Battle-King P's Theme

Duster's Theme

Magypsy's Tea Party

Monkey's Delivery Service

Etude for Ghosts

Mr. Batty

'You Call This a Utopia?!'

Victory/Level Up


Please Enjoy!
11/6/08 0.00
onakagapekopekodesu Mother 3 Porky's Porkies
I made this with FL Studio 10. I like the upbeat tone. Listen to it with Winamp, and load the equalizer preset "Techno". Epic.
11/28/11 0.00
MaxJordan Mother 3 Theme
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
This the Mother 3 theme. For an experience of maximal bodaciousness, use headphones. This is dedicated to the production of the English version: Earthbound 2. If you speak Japanese, please send this to Shigesato Itoi for me with my address. [email protected]
2/20/06 0.00
Pinback Mother 3 theme remix
my own version of the theme from Mother 3
3/29/08 0.00
DEDEDEJr Mother 3 Title Rock
A rock version of the music that plays when the MOTHER 3 title appears before chapter 1.
6/26/08 0.00
Mise Mother 3's "Love Theme" for Guitar
I've seen this called other titles, but I suppose that name is more recognizable.

Written for guitar, and includes chords and written sweeping patterns for the arpeggios.

7/7/08 0.00
earthboundcommander Mother 3: Porky's Pokies
My version of the Porky Bots theme
8/3/09 0.00
LeonardoGolden Mother Cartridge Medley
This was made by sticking a Mother 3 cartridge in my mouth and tapping it while changing the size of my mouth. I know it's not perfect, but I hope you can at least recognize some tunes.
So, sorry if you hear me breathing/sniffling.

8 Melodies (Mother)
Theme of Love (Mother 3)
8 Melodies (EarthBound)
2/20/09 0.00
NightTrap Mother Earth
Cover of the Mother 1 theme.
9/20/06 0.00
Penguinguy MOTHER EARTH accordion
accompanied with a slow bass switchemup. need someone else to acompany me for some more killer parts.
8/15/08 0.00
Edgar the Alien Mother Intro
I'm not that sure what this song is called, so I'm going with the safest bet I have, made with fruity loops studio's demo. (woot, first submission to fan music :3)
7/18/08 0.00
GiyGiegue Mother Intro (Garage Band)
This is my remix of the Mother intro. Suprisingly, this only took 3 hours to compose, and to put together. I'm very satisfied with the results, and I hope you all like it!
3/29/11 0.00
Radiation Mother JAMZ MELODIIZ
me jammin on MELODIIZ
7/27/08 0.00
PKEdobean Mother Series- Snowman by PKEdobean
Hey guys. I've never really submitted something here before but I thought I give it a shot. This is me singing to the song Snowman. I came up with the lyrics and the song is the remix made from Smash Bros Brawl.

Here are the lyrics:

This place seems so unknown
This place that is covered in a blanket of snow
Eight melodies with powers that are scattered all over the world...

Searching further to look for
Many secret lands that I want to explore
Learning new powers of PSI

As we continue on our travels
Seeing all the many things that are truly unbelievable to the untrained eye.
Will all of our questions be unraveled?
Just as long as we never ever give up, all we have to do is try.

We are the four chosen ones.
Found from different places around the world.
Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo were chosen to fufill their new destiny...
Gaining new physic powers
Will the truth of PSI be unfold...?
Fire Thunder Freeze and Starstorm.

No matter how harsh the seasons may be
Summer Winter Autumn Spring, we cannot ever back away and flea
Fighting Giygas with emotions is the key.
Just as long as we have prayers in our hearts our small world will be set free.

Please reach for our call...
Please pray for our world...

9/29/08 0.00
Shade Levora Mother World
This is my Orchestrated Arrangement of Mother. (Earthbound Zero). Over a month to create and nearly 10 minutes long in length, this has became one of my most Beautiful and Nostalgic Nintendo Arrangements yet.

It's a long and emotional musical experience that I hope those who remember the music, and new to it will love.

PS: (The quality is very slightly lowered to fit the 8 MB file size, but not very noticeable.) For an HD version IM me.)

Original Composer's Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka.

Enjoy ;}
8/15/10 0.00
Somewareman MOTHER's Lullaby
First of all, I just wanna say that I think I might have heard this title somewhere before and I don't mean to steal it. This just seemed like the best name for this sweet and somewhat ethereal rendition of MOTHER's Eight Melodies.
2/8/13 0.00
Mise Mother's Piano
Intro to Mother. Yup, that about covers it.
11/23/08 0.00
Krennthief Mountain Number 1,101
Another wing-song. This time, I play piano. Mount Itoi. Please Enjoy. :D
8/18/09 0.00
DEDEDEJr Mr. Batty Twist
Mr. Batty Twist Battle, from Mother 3. Feel that 50's rock groove!

Also, awesome bass!
12/21/08 0.00
haywutupyo Mt. Itoi
My first submission :). I hope you like it.
5/6/07 0.00
Mouse Mt. Itoi Sheet Music
Sheet music for the Mt. Itoi theme.
2/12/05 0.00
bloopie My Bike
Sung by VOCALOID2 Kagamine Len.

Lyrics by Matatabi Rock.


Happily happily riding
My bicycle
My Bicycle
I whistle like a natural
The wind is blowing
The wind blows!

Two people can't ride at once
Three people can't ride at once
1/7/09 0.00
YumeMaxx My Vengeance, Unfounded
Yet another techno-style Mother 3 song. This is the last (techno) one, I swear! =D
11/13/08 0.00



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