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Mr-Saturnman Mini: EB Badges Pack
Fan Game - An interesting series of games where you need to search different places found throughout EarthBound for items to continue. Very challenging with lots of places to go and lots of things to click. More work being done on the series too!
1/23/05 0.00
Mooo Action: Eventide Assault
Fan Game - Eventide Assault is a 2D shooter made for Halloween Funfest '03. It takes place in Onett on the night of Halloween. Playing as Ness in his Shark costume, you will use various weapons, such as eggs, exploding jack-o-lanters, and PSI attacks. Also, you will drive a van and the Frankeystein Mark III. Fight alongside allies like Carpainter and Frank to stop Pokey's plans.
1/23/05 0.00
Mezacoo Wait
I made this screensaver from the wait.swf. I posted it on an anonymous site (4chan) and was refered to come here and upload it by Reid
7/1/08 0.00



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