Episode 3 - We've Got Character

Last Week's Prompt:
Who is your favorite MOTHER series character, and why?

Cultist on cultists:

Cultist says:

What I like most about the MOTHER mythos is how much of it is left ambiguous and unexplained, leaving a rich ground for theories and different interpretations of characters to arise from the fandom which is great.

For this reason I choose Mr. Carpainter as one of my favorite characters in the MOTHER series. When he first shows up in the game I thought he'd be more important or central to the story, maybe showing up again at some point, but no. It was like they wasted a perfectly good character. Thus, I feel like that there's so much we don't know about him which leave questions for fans to answer for themselves, which always leads to great discussion and creativity. What was Mr. Carpainter's history before the cult? Why choose the color blue to represent happiness?

Also it doesn't hurt that I really enjoyed the Happy Happy segment of the game, finding the idea of a cult to be one of the more unsettling things in Earthbound because of it's real-world plausibilty, to an extent, and just the idea of being in a ominous place where everyone is secretly connected and united against you is far more disturbing than colorful aliens. Paranoi-fuel, indeed.


Tofu responds:

You'll be happy to know that Theories is once again open for business! With new prompts and everything, even!

Dog-smelling kids:

Rakethelawn says...

Hello there, Rakethelawn of here! I'm here to send a submission. My favorite character in the Mother Series would have to be Boney. In Earthbound, seeing King leave so early on was sad. I sometimes wish you could continue to play him. But in Mother 3, it's nice to see that the family dog sticks through it. As well as his abilities in battle, like Sniff, which I used on almost every boss. And having the highest speed, it makes him the best character to use healing items and battle items, Shield Snatcher included. Run, My Dog, Run! is also one of my favorite songs.

Tofu responds:

That might have been one of my favorite scenes in MOTHER 3, too. I think it does a good job of setting the "dire but lighthearted" tone of the game (video via Vappyvap88):

Not so smelly after all:

DragonRaiderX9 says...

There's so many [characters] to choose from, and for so many reasons. I'm not sure I have a favorite, but for the purposes of this Mailbag, I'm choosing Duster, because he's the most awesome character, period. Not only can he unleash a reverse kick at unfathomable speed, but he can flip over the enemies back-attacking you (presumably carrying the rest of the party under his arms as he does so), and he plays a smooth bass. Duster, you're no. 1!

Conversation trees aaaaugh [TWEET]:

@Air_Munch (AirMunch) says:
@smnetmailbag Favorite character: Buzz Buzz; A brawny space bee defeated by a lady-slap. Did you want to hear the story one more time?

Big things come in small protagonists:

gooieooie says...

My favorite MOTHER character is kind of boring, but...

it's Ness. However, there's a reason for that. He's a normal, young kid who is thrust into an adventure that makes up the amazing EarthBound. He has to fight things way more insane than stuff that most people see in their entire life at age 13. He is courageous, and his character inspired me greatly. Itoi also said that he tried to make the characters act like people in the real world, and able to be recognized in the people around you. My friends say that I'm like Ness. I find it cool that I can be seen as the character for some people. We're both just normal guys who like doing big things.


Laevateinn says...

Hi, this is Laevateinn from the forums - ready and willing to contribute to the mail bag (and maybe overcome my shyness in the process).

I'll cut right to the chase - my favourite character happens to be the Masked Man from Mother 3. I'm a sucker for cyborg/android/robot characters - so the Masked Man soon ousted the likes of E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure and Andromon from Digimon from the top of the list. That, and he reminds me a lot of Robocop, too.

Hope this reaches you safely!

You have come very far:

TheCane97 says...

I just want to say that my favorite MOTHER character is Lucas. My reason why Lucas is my favorite is because I think he has the most character development in the series. In the beginning of MOTHER 3, he use to be a boy who only relied on his mother and couldn't get over that his family is tearing apart. However, around the end of chapter 3, we see Lucas bravely sends out a Drago against the Pigmask Army in order to save his friends. Also at the end of chapter 3, it said, "The once-coddled Lucas is now on his way to becoming a brilliant, young sun." Throughout the game, his character shows how much bravery he has done. We now see this character as to someone who will never back down and never gives up. So that is my reason why I think Lucas is my favorite character in the MOTHER series. Thanks for reading this.

Look alive, you're twenty-five:

DragonKazooie89 says:

I know I all ready asked in the forums but I'm still curious, does have any plans to celebrate MOTHER's 25th anniversary? I really hope so because 25 years is a big deal and it would be a wasted opportunity for the community if we didn't do anything to commemorate it. Have a great day and watch out for exploding trees!


vid and Tofu respond:

25 years is a big deal! We baked a cake and everything!* We can't spill the beans just yet, but keep an eye on the front page for some festivities!

*Festivities may not include cake.

Rocking over Fourside! Rocking over San Jose! [TWEET]:

@AppAwk (Hp Boost) says:

Watching @Fangamer's #EarthBound panel! <3 @smnetmailbag


Tofu responds:

For those of you who missed out (like... me... :<), Fangamer was at Rockage 3.0 this year, at San Jose State University! Though the stream (and the show) is over, you can check out the archive footage here!

Positively smashing:

UnfoundedRevenge says...

What Mother character would you like to see in Super Smash Bros?


Tofu responds:


Opening the floodgates!:

This Week's Prompt:
What MOTHER elements (characters, stages, etc.) would you like to see in the new Super Smash Bros.?

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