Episode 5 - Road Trip

Last Week's Prompt:
What location in the MOTHER series would you most like to visit or live in?

Rogues Gallery:

Anonymous says:

Remember crazy attacks/enemies? If so, what is your favorite crazy attack/enemy?


vid and Tofu respond:

vid likes the Mad Taxi. Tofu likes the Men's Room Sign. Check out this week's video for the deets!

Psychic Ptheory:

King Antman says:

I don't really know everything about the mother series but a question has always come to mind. If Porky is trapped in the absolutely safe capsule, do you think he could use his knowledge of psi to just teleport out? I made a miiverse drawing of what it might look like not too long ago.

Take it to the fridge!:

Mercurial Magypsy says:

If I could live anywhere in the Mother series, I would like to live on Snowcap Mountain in the Nowhere Islands. I like snowy landscapes and mountains, and as long as I have plenty of tea and blankets for staying warm, I wouldn't mind the cold at all.


gooieooie99 says:

The place I would most like to live in the MOTHER universe is Fourside. It reminds me of the cities I mostly see, since I live in a city like Fourside (kind of), yet it has many differences! The Monitoli building, since it's now safe, would be a fun place to explore, the Topolla Theatre would provide plenty of great shows, and the Dept. Store would be an easy-access shopping central. And, Threed, Twoson, Onett, and all of the other EarthBound locales are just a bus ride away!

You're a strange person... but for some reason, I like you [TWEET]:

@tac0speak (Micah Caley) says:
@smnetmailbag I would personally like to live in Ninten's Magicant. All the citizens there would be friendly, and Queen Mary is awesome too.

I don't think that's how cake works [TWEET]:

@MrNintendo622 (JoJo Chalme) says:
@smnetmailbag If I were to live in a place from the mother games, it would probably be summers. Then I could eat cake and become Poo!

Too hot for

Lotus_Blue says:

In response to this week's prompt, call me trite, but the one place I'd like to live in/visit would be Tazmily (pre-Porky influence of course). Whilst it's not entirely perfect, it is rather peaceful, and a reminder of the village I grew up in.
Speaking of Mother 3, I've also had thoughts of if/when Nintendo ever released it to the west, what would change or what would be cut out entirely. Would Hinawa's death be toned down, some of the more questionable content in Club Titiboo and with Ionia and the others be edited, and the entire Tanetane sequence cut out completely? Or would they keep all original content in and get away with a Teen/12 rating?


Tofu responds:

This might be one of my favorite questions we've gotten so far; it provoked some great discussion in this week's video!

Holy Rolly!:

Maximus_32 says:

My response to this week's prompt, where in the Mother series would I like to visit, is Mt. Itoi. It's harrowing and adventurous, full of secrets and memories, and it's the once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness the beginning of an alien invasion.


Tofu responds:

An alien invasion?! At times like that, kids like you should be playing Nintendo video games!

...I thought it was funny.:

This Week's Prompt:
What made you laugh the most in the MOTHER series?

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