Ultimate Chimera T-Shirts:

Ultimate Chimera T-Shirts

The ultimate shirt for the Ultimate Chimera fan! A great emergency is upon us because a tougher, rougher and badder chimera is on the loose! On the back is a list of emergency measures to follow when dealing with this fearsome beast, as well as a diagram of how to take him down. The text on the back reads:
  • In the event that the Ultimate Chimera should escape from its cage
    all exits within the laboratory must be sealed off.

  • If by any chance it escapes the laboratory, please disregard
    all knowledge... Meaning you have never heard of it!

  • However, if a civilian should come across the Ultimate Chimera
Once again another amazing MOTHER series shirt brought to you by EditMode and! The "EMERGENCY" text even changes color in the sun! On the red version the text turns from white to yellow, and on the black version the text turns from white to light-purple. Both t-shirts run 5775 yen, which is about $63. These shirts are of the highest quality fabric and ink. You will surely get many washes and wears out of this t! They also come packaged in a present box with special postcards. With the postcard is an advertisement insert and a sticker for a game.

How To Get:
Front - Front (Detail 1) - Front (Detail 2) - Front (Detail 3) Back - Back (Detail 1) - Back (Detail 2) - Back (Detail 3)

Front - Front (Detail 1) - Front (Detail 2) - Front (Detail 3) Back - Back (Detail 1) - Back (Detail 2) - Back (Detail 3)

Present Box - Present Box (Open) - Present Box (Inside) - Insert (English) - Insert (Japanese) - Game Insert & Sticker

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