Scented Ads and Coupons:

Scented Ads and Coupons

Nintendo made two sets of EarthBound scented ads and coupons. The first was a large envelope that was mailed out to Nintendo Power subscribers. In it contained a large scratch and sniff advertisement for EarthBound complete with a $10 off coupon. Inside you could scratch and sniff images of the Burger Shop, Master Belch, the farting guy from Topolla Theater, and a pizza. The second, was a similar smaller version that was found in an issue of Nintendo Power. You could lift the tabs and scratch and sniff Carbon Dog, Plague Rat of Doom, and Trillionage Sprout.

These were part of the "This Game Stinks" advertisement campaign launched by Nintendo of America in order to help sell EarthBound. While the idea of $10 off coupons and eye & nose catching ads were very clever... Slogans like "It's like living in your gym shoes" and "Comes with more rude smells than the ol' pull my finger joke" did not go over well with grabbing the public's attention. It is still believed today that this off color advertisement campaign was one of the primary reasons EarthBound did not sell as well as Nintendo had hoped.

How To Get:
Envelope (Front) - Envelope (Back) - Outside - Inside - Coupon (Front) - Coupon (Back) - Ad 1 - Ad 2 - Ad Coupon

Special thanks to SirX-Wolf for the second edition of pics.



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