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Basic Information

Categories: Food

Help Text Description:

Replenishes 20 PP.

Buy Price: $100
Sell Price: $50

Can be used by: NessPaulaJeffPoo

What do I recover by using this food?

HP Recovered: 0 HP
PP Recovered: 20 PP

Where can I get this item?

Places where you can find this item:
Gift boxNorth central edgeLilliput Steps
Gift boxNortheast edge of desertDusty Dunes Desert
Gift boxEnd of southwest path from Exit Mouse cavern, behind Guardian DiggerDesert Gold Mine
Gift box2nd floor, northwestDungeon Man
Gift boxMiddle level of second part of baseStonehenge Base

Characters who give you this item:
Tomas JeffersonTomas Jefferson (Near the road, after getting all red on the slot machine game)Dusty Dunes Desert

Enemies that drop this item:
Dali's Clock1/128
Final Starman4/128
Insane Cultist1/128
Lesser Mook2/128
Loaded Dice4/128
Loaded Dice4/128
Mook Senior4/128
Psychic Psycho4/128
Territorial Oak1/128
Ultimate Octobot16/128
Zap Eel2/128



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