Boss Dialogue

Several bosses have different behaviour or dialogue in the case of the party returning to them after losing to them in battle.

- Bosses such as Mr. Passion and the Jealous Bass have different dialogue, acknowledging that they have battled the party before. Losing to the Mole Cricket, in particular, also prompts extra dialogue from Alec.

- Bosses such as the Mecha-Drago, Natural Killer Cyborg and Oh-So-Snake lack the cutscenes, or only retain shorter versions of the cutscenes, if battled after losing to them once. In the case of the Oh-So Snake in particular, Kumatora will set off the trapdoor under the Egg of Light every time despite having slightly different dialogue from the first time.

- Some bosses, such as the Mecha-Porkies, Porky and the Masked Man, are completely unaltered even if battled again after losing to them, due to the sheer plot importance of these battles and the dialogue that precedes and takes place during them. In these cases, they are always treated as being battled for the first time.

  New Game Plus

The New Game Plus glitch is triggered when data from a previously loaded save file is retained, even when the player starts a New Game. The most reliable method is to load the save file intended for the data transfer, copy it to the other save file slot, and then delete data from the initial save file slot. The player should then begin a New Game, which will most likely have the following effects:

- Lucas and Salsa will retain any equipment they had. However, in the case of Lucas, this only applies to the Prologue, with his inventory being reset and overwritten at the start of Chapter 4. In addition, while the characters will have the pieces of equipment equipped, they would be absent from the inventory. As such, unequipping the items will result in them being lost.

- Lucas and Kumatora will retain all the PSI abilities they had in the save file which had its data transferred. However, as usual, Lucas cannot use his PSI until Ionia unlocks it in Chapter 4.

  Needle Locations

The Needle locations are explicitly detailed in the memo as follows:

"There are seven Needles in all. The Belly Button Needle is in Osohe Castle. The Heart Needle is in Murasaki Forest, near the factory. The Left Hand Needle is located on Snowcap Mountain, far to the northeast. The Right Hand Needle is located in the crater of a volcano to the far east of the highway. The Right Foot Needle is located on Tanetane Island south of Tazmily. The Left Foot Needle is in the temple of Chupichupyoi on Mt. Oriander. And the last Needle... No one knows where it is. Too bad."

Although this text is not accessible in normal gameplay in the Japanese version, as the Memo menu was only made available during the Fan Translation, this is hinted at in the final game as well. “Osohe” is “navel” in Japanese, corresponding with the fact that Osohe Castle holds the Belly Button Needle of the Dragon.

In addition, the following text is spoken by Phrygia in the final game upon her Needle being pulled:

  • And one other one…
  • The Needle said to be sticking out of the Dark
           Dragon’s head… I can’t seem to locate it at all.
  • Nor Locria, who’s supposed to protect that
           particular Needle…
  • I’m so picky about details, yet I have no idea
           where they are…
  • Having to disappear without finding out…
           It’s a little bit sad.

  • Phrygia mentions the fact that Locria protects the Head Needle, which further indicates that the Needle locations mentioned in the Memo indeed apply in the final game.

      Leder's Bell

    - Every hour the game is played, the player will be reminded to take a break by the ringing of Leder’s bell, in a vein similar to Ness’s father calling him in EarthBound.

    - Starting from Chapter 4, Leder and his bell are absent from the Tazmily Crossroads. However, reminders will still occur every hour, with the party remembering the sound of Leder’s bell despite him no longer ringing it.

      Hinawa's Grave

    Although Hinawa’s grave is an entirely optional site for the player to visit after Chapter 1 except for one instance in Chapter 7, there are multiple signs of it being visited by other characters over the chapters.

    - Over the course of the game, the colour of the flowers before Hinawa’s grave will change frequently, and interacting with them confirms that Flint is always offering flowers.

    - In Chapter 3, after Fassad tells Salsa to deliver the Happy Boxes, Alec can be encountered in front of Hinawa’s grave.

    - In a similar vein, although entirely optional, Lucas can meet Flint in front of Hinawa’s grave at the beginning of Chapter 4.

      Character Sounds

    - Most battle actions have a certain sound effect attached to them. This gives all playable characters (through their Bash sounds) and most enemies sound effects that are unique to them. Most prominently, Claus uses a sitar sound while battling the Mole Cricket in the prologue. When the party battles the Masked Man, he uses the same battle instrument as Claus, hinting at his true identity. Equipping the Fake Bat or Fake Frying Pan will also change Lucas and Kumatora’s battle sounds respectively.

    - All playable characters have six sets of battle sounds, one of which is randomly selected when they perform combos. However, due to a glitch, Duster only uses one set. The remaining sets are still present in the game, and a patch to fix this exists.

    - Both playable characters and NPCs have short, but subtly different sounds when they speak in reference to their different voices. For example, younger characters generally have higher-pitched sounds than older characters do.

      Present Ailment Glitch

    Present boxes in MOTHER 3 will sometimes turn into status ailment icons. This seems to be more common (and possible to reliably execute) with certain presents, such as the one in the last area of Sunshine Forest in Chapter 3.



    - Lucas can choose to dash into Hinawa’s chair after getting dressed. Hinawa, upon him doing so, will say, “Oww! I surrender! I surrender!” and give him a Nut Bread.

    - While playing with the Drago, it will fall to the west regardless of the direction Lucas rams into it from. If Lucas rams into it from the west, however, it will fall on Lucas, knocking him down and dazing him for a few moments. In addition, Claus and Alec have special dialogue in case Lucas rams into them.

      Chapter 1

    - After Flint rescues Fuel from his burning house, the two will be covered in soot. Walking into a hot spring will cause most of the soot to wash away, although their heads will still be covered. In addition, checking one of the mirrors in the Prayer Sanctuary will reference that their faces are covered in soot.

    - Although sunflowers are noted to be Hinawa’s favourite flowers, interacting with the various flowers around Tazmily and outside Flint’s house will reveal that gerberas are her second favourite. These gerberas are absent from Tazmily starting from Chapter 4.

    - A hidden box behind Wess’s house is stocked up with Thunder Bombs. Although only one can be obtained at a time, going to the Crossroads and returning will cause the box to be refilled, allowing the party to take another Thunder Bomb and repeat the process. This will continue even when Wess’s house is turned into the Old Man’s Paradise.

    - While Alec and Flint speak to Lucas about Claus’s whereabouts, Lighter and Fuel will quietly leave the scene. Flint can track Lighter down to the cape west of Tazmily, where he will speak to Flint about the recent events, and give him his Manly Bandanna.

    - Alec’s dialogue in the Murki Cave changes depending on whether or not Flint follows his directions, even when he makes a mistake.

    - While killing Hinawa, the Mecha-Drago loses a fang, which Bronson finds and gives to Flint. To match this, when Flint encounters the Mecha-Drago at the end of the chapter, its sprite is conspicuously missing a fang.

    - The Mischievous Moles can get “homesick”, a status condition reserved for Ness in EarthBound.

      Chapter 2

    - In the Osohe Castle courtyard, one of the vegetable patches Nippolyte is working on is a patch of the Favourite Food chosen by the player at the beginning of the game.

    - The tree directly north of Ed’s house has writing carved behind it, but the party deems it too insignificant to read.

    - After speaking to Butch, Duster can check the well to obtain Butch’s money, although he immediately puts it back where it was.

    - In Osohe Castle, Duster has to ram into a statue holding an iron ball to make it drop it, creating the hole in the floor to the right for him to jump through. If he rams into it from the right, however, it will fall on him, resulting in a game over.

    - In the dining room, a ghost will give Duster a Rotten Eclair if Duster answers in the affirmative when asked whether he wants one. If it has already given Duster a Rotten Eclair, saying yes to it will not result in any benefit, but saying no to it will prompt it to give Duster Rotten Eclairs, until his inventory is full. At the top of the nearby wall staple ladder, a ghost will offer to trade the Rotten Eclairs for Beef Jerky.

    - Wess repeatedly (but offhandedly) expressing uncertainty about his memories while in Osohe Castle foreshadows Leder’s speech in Chapter 8. Nana, in addition, points out that, for some reason, none of the families members in Tazmily really look alike.

    - If Pusher is spoken to, he mentions plans to construct an “old folks’ home”, and that an “associative” came to the village that morning. This heavily indicates that Fassad has already subtly began to influence the people of Tazmily, even beyond his spiel about happiness, ultimately culminating in the radical change that Tazmily undergoes between Chapters 3 and 4.

    - In Chapter 1, Butch’s pigs will suggest the existence of behind-the-scenes information only pigs know of. Speaking to them in Chapter 2 will cause them to reveal this secret: Shigesato Itoi liked a tonkatsu shop named Katsuman that opened up in Kanda during MOTHER 2’s creation so much that it was included in MOTHER 2 (an NPC in the Japanese version of EarthBound mentions it). In the case of MOTHER 3, the croquette rolls sold at the Lonlon Shop in Kichijoji got this honour, a fact that is referenced in Chapter 4.

    - Pigmasks in battle can “apologize profusely”, a battle action they share with Porky in EarthBound.

    - Zombies enemies first appear in this chapter. If Boney uses Sniff on any zombie enemies over the course of the game, it will fail, and he will instead yelp due to the overwhelmingly putrid smell.

    - There is a glitch in the second phase of the Pork Tank battle. If Salsa uses Monkey Mimic to counter the Pigmask throwing a cannonball at him, the game will, instead of saying that Salsa threw a cannonball, simply say, once again, that the Pigmask threw a cannonball, even though Monkey Mimic will work properly and the Pork Tank will still be the one to take damage.

      Chapter 3

    - When bringing Dung to Wan Sum Dung, it might turn out to be especially rare Dung, giving Salsa 10 or 50 points of EXP instead of the standard amount of 5 EXP.

    - While Salsa is delivering the Happy Boxes, he can speak to people around Tazmily, such as Bessie in the Yado Inn and Mike in Thomas’s Bazaar, who will give him items in return for him performing a monkey trick.

    - When Fassad leaves the Yado Inn at night and Salsa follows him, there are three possible conclusions to the scene. If Salsa tries to run away, Fassad will catch and shock him. If Salsa returns to his room instead, he will hastily run over to where he was and pretend to be asleep. Fassad will watch him for several seconds. If he moves in this period, Fassad will shock him. However, if he remains still for long enough, Fassad will deem him to be asleep.

    - In the Osohe Castle segment, by default, triggering the event that prompts Salsa and Fassad to head to the basement and progress with the story requires them to ascend the castle until they find a dead end. However, this part can be skipped by simply trying to leave the castle, which will trigger this event immediately.

      Chapter 4

    - Although it appears that anyone who does not purchase a Happy Box has their home struck down by lightning, Ed’s house seems to be intact despite there being no Happy Box inside.

    - As Abbot and Abbey’s home exhibits, Happy Boxes are not the only products labelled “Happy”; there is an entire range of such products, including a teddy bear, “cooling box” and massage chair.

    - At the deepest section of the Factory, a Pigmask mentions a rumour stating that the factory is digging not solely to obtain clay, but to locate a colossal dragon buried undergound. This foreshadows the Dark Dragon’s presence in the game, and perhaps implies that Porky had initially hoped to locate it simply by digging underground as deep as possible, rather than having the Masked Man awaken it.

    - Scamp passes away during the three years between Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. This is acknowledged on the bulletin board near the railway station, and a grave marked for Scamp at the Sunset Cemetery.

    - In the upstairs middle room of Hotel Yado, Lucas can listen in on a conversation that mentions croquette rolls and the editing of lines, with the implication being that it reflects the actual writing process of MOTHER 3.

    - There is a newspaper in the Old Man’s Paradise, with its headlines changing after various major plot events, in a manner similar to the flowers before Hinawa’s grave. All these headlines are palindromes.

    - In the Factory, a Pigmask asserts that the only way to reach Club Titiboo would be to work at the factory and obtain tickets -- and that climbing the cliff to get to it is out of question. In reference to this, if Lucas goes west from the Ropeway, he can, in fact, find a man struggling to climb the cliff

    - By default, Kumatora and Duster will use the alternate names of “Violet” and “Lucky” in Club Titiboo. However, if Kumatora is named Violet in Chapter 2, her alternate name will be “Kumatora”. Similarly, if Duster is named Lucky in Chapter 1, he will use the alternate name of “Gorgeous”, with “Lucky” and “Gorgeous” both being the names of Runaway Five band members from EarthBound.

    - It is impossible for any of the Stone-Sheet-Clippers games to count as a loss for Lucas. If he loses in any instance, a seeming accident will interrupt the game and prompt the band members to play again. This will happen every time until Lucas wins.

    - After working at the Factory, Lucas cannot return to Tazmily. If he tries to enter the train tunnel at night, a man resembling Mr. T -- the younger brother of the man in Tazmily, in fact -- will arrive to drag Lucas away in the same manner as his elder brother, with his dialogue being somewhat different.

    - At the Factory, Lou mentions that the machine used to recharge Claymen is too dangerous for humans. Lucas can, in fact, try to use it. This will shock him on the spot, even dealing 100 HP of damage to him, although his HP cannot drop below 1 in this manner.

      Chapter 5

    - If the party returns to where Mr. Passion was battled in Chapter 2, they can battle the optional boss Lord Passion, with the reward of the Mystical Shoes upon defeating him.

    - Even while wearing the Pigmasks uniform, Kumatora and Duster have cues setting them apart. Kumatora is slightly thinner than the other Pigmasks, and will yawn from time to time, while Duster continues to walk with a limp.

    - After Lucas is mistaken for the Commander, Lucas can talk to one of the Pigmasks to receive a Secret Herb. Talking to him again has him repeating, “Strictly in a friend sense!” However, if Lucas talks to him, leaves the room and talks to him again (or leaves the room and talks to him twice), Lucas will say, “Strictly in a friend sense!” instead, and he even has the talking animation ongoing while doing so. Considering the offbeat method required to access this situation, and the fact that Lucas never speaks while in the lead of the party in any other case, this is likely a glitch.

    - Although the Pork Bean appears to be airborne, it is possible for it to slip on banana peels. In fact, this results in the party’s first Pork Bean breaking.

    - A mother mouse on the Highway will ask the party to round up her seven children. If the party does so, she will reward it with the Shield Snatcher.

    - While passing over the northern bridge of the Highway, the Pork Bean will run out of power, and will be permanently unusable. However, this can be avoided if the party recharges it with the power station they pass by immediately before reaching the bridge.

    - Acknowledging the Fierce Pork Trooper’s passion for the DCMC, showing off any DCMC merchandise to him during either of the battles with him will result in him losing a few turns. This applies to all Pigmask enemies.

    - The Dur-T Café, at the end of the Highway, has a functional jukebox, playing a random theme at the cost of 1 DP each time. In addition, there is a jukebox in King P’s Room in the Thunder Tower that will play a theme from EarthBound.

    - If the party obtains the Knit Sweater from Leo-Leo and has it equipped even in Chapter 7, a woman at the Cerulean Beach will suspiciously deny sewing it, and offer to take it off the party’s hands to throw it away.

    - In King P’s Room, it is possible to get stuck between the Save Frog and the present box to the right, wherein the Save Fog will not move, thus preventing the party from escaping. If the player saves the game in this position, it essentially becomes impossible to complete the game by normal means. This is fixed in lorenzooone’s Italian Fan Translation.

    - Li’l Miss Marshmallow is an optional boss guarding the Friend’s Yo-Yo in King P’s Room. The Friend’s Yo-Yo, in addition to being a weapon, can be used on any enemy during battle, including the Masked Man, and Porky himself. Doing so will cause the enemy to applaud.

      Chapter 6

    - Although Lucas’s encounter with Hinawa appears to be a dream while he was falling from the Thunder Tower, he can freely equip or unequip items, drop items, or trade items with Boney during Chapter 6. Any such changes will be retained when he wakes up.

    - The brief “flashback” of Lucas hearing Hinawa call his name is not an independent cutscene. It is, in fact, a part of the “Name These Children” cutscene from the final battle. Normally, only the initial part with Hinawa calling Lucas’s name will occur before the cutscene ends. However, if certain flags (although this is not possible in normal gameplay) are set, the full cutscene from the final battle will play, and will leave off Lucas at the “It’s Over” sequence from the final battle when it ends.

      Chapter 7

    - Chapter 7, unlike other chapters, is very non-linear. After Aeolia’s Needle is pulled, Lucas can go for the other Needles in any order, with the stipulation that Ionia’s Needle will always be the last to be accessed in the chapter.

    - In the scene in Aeolia’s house, after Aeolia’s Needle is pulled, some of Aeolia’s dialogue will be marked as being spoken by Ionia due to a glitch. Fixed in v1.2 of the English Fan Translation.

    - In Chapter 4, Lucas can look through the telescope outside Club Titiboo to get a view of the Thunder Tower. Now that its top has been destroyed, the view from the telescope changes to match this.

    - The man struggling to climb the cliff up to Club Titiboo since Chapter 4 finally succeeds, only to find that it has been all but abandoned.

      Doria's Needle

    - One of the bookshelves in the Chimera Laboratory has the “My Secret Life, chapter three” story from EarthBound.

    - In a similar manner, the Overcoming Shyness book from EarthBound can also be found here.

    - In the hot spring bathroom of the Chimera Laboratory, a white spaceship can be seen crashed in a mountain, although it is unclear whether this is a picture or it is being seen through a window. This white spaceship may or may not be related to the White Ship mentioned in Leder’s speech.

    - Winning the battle against the Almost-Mecha Lion is optional; the cutscene continues as usual regardless of the outcome of the battle.

    - After Salsa joins the party, he can reach and obtain some free items on high-up shelves around the Chimera Laboratory that Lucas could not.

    - A room in the Chimera Laboratory has some chimeras on display with prices marked for them. An empty display case reads “PORKY 08”, referring to a late-game boss battle, but is sold out.

    - After the Ultimate Chimera escapes the Chimera Laboratory, one of the rooms has a scientist creating a Hippo Launcher, an enemy encountered in Chapter 8.

    - After the Ultimate Chimera escapes the laboratory, the small area outside the door to the right of the room with the “Overcoming Shyness” book and “My Secret Life, chapter three” story will have a trash can. However, interacting with it will cause it to, due to a glitch, bring up the text referring to the Murasaki Forest Hot Spring. It is actually supposed to correspond to the text, “The bottom of the garbage can is littered with doughnut crumbs.” Fixed in v1.2 of the English Fan Translation

      Lydia's Needle

    - The Squeekz enemy will only be encountered if the Mole Cricket Hole has not been opened up prior to Doria’s Needle being pulled. In addition, The Squeekz mentions his wife and seven children upon being defeated. If the player returns to the Highway, he can be found with the mother mouse.

    - The “Snowman” theme played on Snowcap Mountain is first used in EarthBound Beginnings in a town also called Snowman.

      Phrygia's Needle

    - The party rides a Mr. Saturn-shaped coffee table across the Highway to Saturn Valley. If the player returns to the the area where they found the coffee table after leaving Saturn Valley, the party can ride a Mr. Saturn-shaped Pork Bean.

      Mixolydia's Needle

    - In the Sea Floor Dungeon, a Hermit Crab has lost its shell. Getting it back from the Rock Lobster guarding it will cause the Hermit Crab to give the party 1000 DP as a token of its appreciation.

    - The hallucinations on Tanetane Island differ somewhat depending on the party members present, considering it is possible to access it with just Lucas and Boney. For example, if Duster is absent from the party, the instance of Wess reprimanding Duster will change to Alec asking Lucas about Hinawa.

    - The only way to log the Zombieshroom in the Battle Memory is to battle it before eating the hallucination-inducing mushrooms, inevitably resulting in the party’s defeat. Additionally, while it is possible to walk past the Zombieshroom without engaging it in battle after eating the mushrooms, it has to be battled for the Eerie Smile to be logged in the Battle Memory, as the other enemies, despite initially appearing to be Eerie Smiles, will not log it in the Battle Memory.

    - Boney is healed when the rest of the party eats the mushrooms even though he does not seem to. However, when he refuses to enter what appears to be a hot spring (recognizing it to be a waste dump), he is, fittingly, not healed. The rest of the party, on the other hand, is fully healed despite it actually being a waste dump.

    - Before the cave leading to the Barrier Trio battle, part of the cave wall will be layered above the party sprites due to a glitch.

    - There is a glitch that results in Lucas’s sprite turning into that of Boney. When Lucas gets feverish, he should enter the waste dump and move around until he recovers from his fever. Afterwards, the player should enter a menu such as the Status menu. When they exit it, Lucas’s sprite would have changed to Boney’s. Entering the waste dump after leaving it in this state will cause the game to freeze, as will theoretically accessing any other event or cutscene that requires Lucas to be present (for example, approaching the Barrier Trio). Entering battle will fix this glitch.

      Ionia's Needle

    - While looking for the pickles, the items Boney retrieves, with the exception of the pickles themselves, are randomly generated. The item is determined neither when the party stumbles nor when Boney picks up the item, but precisely when Boney brings the item to Lucas and he identifies it. This means that it is perfectly possible to pick up an item, save the game, and reset for the desired item.

    - Cuddle Bombs are aggressive in the overworld, like most enemies, but will not pursue the party if the party’s movement is broken -- that is, if the party only takes one step at a time, repeatedly tapping the directional buttons instead of holding them down.

    - After the Mr. Saturn gives Lucas the Franklin Badge, it moves off-screen and seems to leave, but moving forward will quickly reveal that it is still standing nearby. This was actually a glitch that came up during MOTHER 3’s development, but because Shigesato Itoi liked this glitch, he kept this in the final game, and, in fact, gave dialogue to this Mr. Saturn if it is spoken to again.

    - If Boney uses the Sniff command on the Masked Man, he will fail to smell anything. This also applies to New Fassad, Miracle Fassad and Porky.

      Chapter 8

    - In the Theatre, going through the employee entrance will lead the party to clay figures of a boy and an old man. Interacting with the bucket brother-resembling clay figure results in a reference to a boy named Toto, likely from Cinema Paradiso.

    - The Sanchez Brothers -- Pincho, Pancho and Tomas Jefferson -- not only return from EarthBound, but have their own official board game, produced by Shigesato Itoi.

    - The Hippo-Launchers in the water have 1623 HP, while those out of water have only 998.

    - The King Statue at the east end of New Pork City can be battled if it is interacted with thrice after Miracle Fassad is defeated, and its feelings of hostility are reciprocated. It can only be defeated by using a New Year’s Eve bomb to reduce its HP to 1 or by using PK Flash to OHKO it, however. If it is defeated, a man nearby will give the party the Trivia Card 4.

    - The Pencil and Eraser statues in EarthBound were actually statues of an octopus and a kokeshi (limbless doll) in the Japanese version, with them being changed during localization. The Fan Translation team followed suit by editing the octopus and kokeshi statues.

    - In the final dungeon, if the party backtracks after defeating Porky, the Item Guy can be encountered, with the usual facilities.

    - Talking to Flint repeatedly in the final dungeon will eventually result in him commenting on his baldness. Speaking to him once again will cause him to discuss the matter of him being “bald as a bean” further, although continuing to speak to him afterwards will only yield the usual dialogue.

    - Although Lucas cannot attack in the first phase of the final battle, it is possible to damage the Masked Man at this point. Lucas can revive a party member, prompting the Masked Man to immediately respond with a bolt of intense lightning. All party members except Lucas will be knocked out immediately, but Lucas’s Franklin Badge will reflect the bolt at the Masked Man, dealing some damage.

    - Because the final battle focuses on Lucas defending himself and stalling for time as he waits for Hinawa to interrupt the battle periodically, it, at first glance, does not seem to involve Lucas’s damage output, even though it is possible to attack in the second phase. However, although this is difficult to observe in normal gameplay, it does have a part to play. In the second phase, the turns between Hinawa’s interruptions will be skipped if Lucas deals enough damage. Claus has 2500 HP in this battle, and if Claus runs out of HP, then all of Hinawa’s remaining interruptions will play out at the end of that turn, until the “It’s Over” phase begins. Claus’s own reflected lightning bolts also count towards this damage output. In the “It’s Over” phase, however, damage is indeed irrelevant.

    - At the “END…?” scene, it is possible to move around. This will prompt dialogue from various characters in the game.

    - Although this cannot be seen due to the screen being black, the player is actually still controlling Lucas at the “END…?” scene. In fact, if he reaches a level at which he would learn a PSI ability and then goes through the final battle before he becomes feverish, he can get a fever at the “END…?” scene, and even learn PSI abilities.

    - Exclusively in the fan translated version, at the “END…?” scene, depending on how much of the Battle Memory has been filled in, the Save Frog will reveal (if all enemies have been logged) the secret Memo menu that the Fan Translation restored or (if all front and back sprites have been logged) the method to activate Hard Mode.



    There are several things that can only be observed through the walk-through-walls code. To note, many of these are unused. It should also be noted that there are several unused maps, and some parts that are not seen during normal gameplay.

    - In the Prayer Sanctuary, near the bottom-left corner, there is an NPC with no visible sprite, but one who has dialogue mentioning new visitors to Tazmily if spoken to.

    - The light-green Drago can be battled in the prologue by touching them while a walk-through walls code is active. This will cause the party to enter battle against an enemy called Drago, which will repeatedly try to “confide its worries to you”, causing the target to cry. Because its stats are far too high to be reasonably defeat during the prologue, and the fact that it drops a Chimera Laboratory map when defeated, the frozen Drago in the Chimera Laboratory might have had been intended to be battled.

    - In the map outside Flint’s house, a sign can be found far to the east. It refers to a (nonexistent) set of boxes, stating that their contents are free to use for anyone (Chapter 1) or that they cost money (Chapter 2). From Chapter 4 onwards, it will only remind the player to speak to Save Frogs once in a while.

    - The Brooms in Osohe Castle can also be battled by walking into them with a walk-through-walls code.

    - If the party accesses the Chimera Laboratory in Chapter 4, the receptionist will offer movie tickets for 10 DP. The player can then go to the theater room and talk to the woman there. A movie intro will play, with the numbers 3, 2 and 1 on the screen, before immediately skipping to the end, which will prompt the woman to say that the equipment is broken and that the movies are cancelled for the day.

    - There is a Save Frog present at the bottom-right corner of the room with the bathroom doors in Club Titiboo. There are, additionally, two Pigmasks at the top right corner of the map with the Clayman Factory. None of them have any dialogue.

    - A policeman at the top-left corner of the northernmost New Pork City map will speak of Porky referring to Lucas’s party dear and captivating guests. The policeman will, however, express the opinion that they do not seem special to him.



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