Flint's Family:


Son of Flint and Hinawa and twin brother to Claus, Lucas is a very sensitive boy. He spends most of his childhood at Claus's side and shares a very strong bond with his twin brother. They keep each other's secrets and protect each other. It seems like nothing could ever come between them.

Throughout his journey Lucas learns to become more self-sufficient and resiliant. He was born with the ability to learn PSI skills, a mystical power previously thought to only be harnessed by the Magypsies.

Weapon of choice: Poles & Rods
Signature Skill: PK LOVE


Flint's trusty dog, Boney lends a paw to help Lucas and his friends. His quick speed lets him fetch outside help at a moment's notice. He sleeps in his own doghouse right next to Flint's farmhouse.

Boney points out things that others have missed, and his powerful sense of smell helps him pinpoint whatever he is looking for in no time at all.

Weapon of Choice: none
Signature Skill: Smell


A devoted father and husband, Flint is quick-acting in urgent situations and someone the people of Tazmily can rely on. He lives with his family just to the south of Tazmily in a farm where he raises sheep. Flint sticks to his convictions and doesn't yield to unnecessary change.

He may let his emotions get the best of him at times, but it lets Flint go all out in battle so he can focus all of his strength into a single swing.

Weapon of Choice: Two-by-Four
Signature Skill: Full-Power Attack


The loving mother of Lucas and Claus and wife of Flint. She makes sure her boys are taken care of and does her best to keep them out of harm's way.


Lucas's outgoing twin brother.


The grandfather of Lucas and Claus and father of Hinawa. He lives in Mt. Oriander north of Tazmily on a small farm. He has a kind heart and teaches his two grandsons some valuable life lessons, like how to dash! He aids Flint in battle and introduces him to the Magypsies.

Wess's Family:


Son of master thief Wess, Duster is a very laid-back character. He has been trained by his father in the art of thievery since his childhood, but he didn't have a need to utilize those skills until Wess decided the time had come

He's a very deep sleeper and has somewhat of a body odor, but he has a good heart. He also doesn't let his limp hold him back and uses his legs to kick butt!

Weapon of Choice: Shoes & Boots
Signature Skill: Wall Staple


Wess is Duster's father. Don't let his age fool you. He is quite skillful at the art of thievery.

Abbot's Family:


Abbot and his wife Abbey live in northern Tazmily and run a floral shop.


Abbey spends much of her time with her husband, Abbot.

Caroline's Family:


Caroline runs the town's bakery. She'll bake cookies and bread for you if you bring her the nuts you collect.


Angie is Caroline's daughter.

Ed's Family:


Ed and his family live to the east of Tazmily.


Nan is Ed's wife and Alle's mother.


Alle is one of Tazmily's youngest citizens.


Scamp is one of Tazmily's eldest citizens.

Jackie's Family:


Jackie is the owner of Yado Inn.


Betsy helps run Yado Inn with her husband Jackie.


Tessie is the maid at Yado Inn.

Jonel's Family:


Jonel lives near the beach with his family.


Brenda is Jonel's wife.


Dona is Bob's wife.


Bob spends as much time as he can at the Bar in Yado Inn.

Lighter's Family:


Lighter lives with his son, Fuel, in a log cabin deep in Sunshine Forest. He shares many of the same rural ideals that Flint has.


Fuel is Lighter's son and a good friend of Lucas and Claus.

Matt's Family:


Matt and his family live in a large cattle and pig ranch on the outskirts of Tazmily


Jill is Matt's wife. She enjoys gossiping with he friends in the town square.


Biff is Butch's older brother.


Butch is the first of Tazmily's citizens to discover money.

Paul's Family:


Paul is Linda's husband.


Linda is Paul's wife.

Pusher's Family:


Tazmily's Mayor.


Pusher's wife.


Elmore and Ollie's son.


Pusher's busy butler.


If you're ever lost, just find Mapson. He provides you with a map, and even marks your next destination for you.

Thomas's Family:


Thomas is the owner of Thomas's Bazaar in Tazmily, where you'll find extra items available to the people who need them. He also heads the town's fire squad.


Lisa is Thomas's wife. She enjoys chatting up her friends in the town square.


Nichol is Thomas and Lisa's son. He runs the shop when Thomas is away.


Richie is Thomas and Lisa's daugter. She's intent on leaving Tazmily one day.

Solitary Citizens:


The sole heir of Osohe castle, Kumatora is a tomboy princess. She makes her home in the run-down castle north of the Tazmily cemetary where she meets up with Duster and Wess when a strange series of events leads them towards the same goal in the depths of Osohe.

She will use her fists of fury to protect Osohe's secrets from the clutches of evil. Just like Lucas, Kumatora gains the ability to utilize PSI skills in battle.

Weapon of Choice: Gloves & Mitts
Signature Skill: PK Fire & PK Freeze


Bud is Lou's partner in comedy.


Lou and Bud are always found together.


Bronson is Tazmily's smith. He can craft fine weapons and tools.


Nippolyte is the lone groundskeeper at the cemetary.


Reggie lives alone in a teepee by the seashore.


Isaac's house in Sunshine Forest is always stocked with plenty of Antidotes.


Bateau runs Tazmily's message delivery service, which runs on pidgeon power.


Nana is a gal with the gift of gab.

Item Guy

He travels all over Tazmily, holding on to any items you don't want to carry and cheering you on wherever you go.


This tall, quiet man rings Tazmily's alarm bell if there is any danger.

Creatures Great & Small:


A monkey with a natural ability to dance, Salsa is under the imprisonment of the greedy Fassad. He is forced to do his evil master's bidding because Salsa's true love, Samba, has been taken away by Fassad's minions. To protect her, Salsa will do whatever Yokuba commands, even if it means performing a ridiculous dance on cue.

His constant practice, forced upon him by Fassad, actually turns out to be quite beneficial because Salsa's dance moves boost his stats in battle.

Weapon of Choice: none
Signature Skill: Dance


Samba is Salsa's precious girlfriend. When Fassad's minions capture her, Salsa must follow Fassad's orders to ensure her safety.

Rope Snake

His back story is a mystery, but he joins Duster in Osohe Castle, where he's one of the items featured in a ghostly bazaar. He comes in handy for swinging across gaps too wide to jump across.


Contrary to their appearance, these giant lizards are quite gentle and enjoy playing with Lucas and Claus. They live on top of Mt. Oriander near Alec's cabin.

Drago Mom

This is a female Drago.

Drago Baby

This is a cute Drago baby.


These strange frogs appear throughout the Nowhere Islands and help you save your memories. You can even find them in barrels and floating with balloons.

The Magypsies:


Aeolia's house is very close to Tazmily.


Doria proves that even the largest beings can be quite dainty.


Lydia resides in the cold Snowcap Mountain.


Phyrgia is a deep sleeper.


Her nickname is Missy.


She is skilled at teaching PSI skills to those able to learn.


The missing Magypsy. Her current wherabouts are unknown.

The Pigmask Army:


This greedy man controls Salsa and shocks him constantly. He's a very high ranking official among the Pigmask army.


Things were going fine on Nowhere Islands until these guys showed up. Just where did they come from, and what are they after?



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