Weekly Famitsu Cross-Reviews of MOTHER 3:

序盤でグッと引き込まれ、中盤まで一気の展開。 戦闘の難易度上昇も絶妙、後半もダレない。 冒険劇と音楽に浸れる。ウイットに富んだ演出が良い 。 戦闘の目押しのコツのつかみにくさを差し引いても万 人に薦めたい希有な作品。(10点)
Pulls you right in at the beginning, moves at a very quick and solid pace until about the halfway mark. The difficulty increase of the battles is exquisite, and the last half of the game doesn't drag on at all. Filled with adventure and music. The wit-filled direction is just great. Even setting aside the difficulty of getting the timed attacks in battle, I'd recommend this rare piece of art to everyone. (10 points)

シナリオが魅力的。キャラクターの台詞回しに思わず にやり。 素朴な絵柄ながら演出は非常に細やか。 奇抜なシステムはないが安心して楽しめる。(8点)
The story/scenario is marvelous. I unconciously grinned at the delivery of the characters' lines. The art may be simple, but a lot of detailed attention was given to the game's direction. The game engine may not be unconventional, but you can play it with an easy mind. (8 points)

細部までこだわりが感じられる文章、独特な世界、BGM が印象的。 シリーズ初プレイの人は戸惑うかも。見た目やシステ ムの古さが気にならなければ楽しめるかと。 戦闘も音楽に合わせてコンボを決めたりと作業になら ない工夫も○。(8点)
You can feel the amount of attention paid to the tiny details in the text, the world is unique, and the music is very memorable. Players new to the series might feel perplexed. If you don't let the look of the game's engine or its age get to you, you can probably enjoy it. The feature that lets you avoid hard work if you pull off combos in battle by matching to the music is also a big plus. (8 points)

キャッチコピーどおりの奇妙で切ないシナリオが、プ レイヤーを最後まで没入させる サウンドバトルも、"音が楽しい"という音楽も文字どおりの魅力がある。(9点)
Just as the slogan says, the strange and sad story immerses the player until the very end. The music in the Sound Battles has charm that reinforces the phrase, "Sound is fun!" (9 points)

TOTAL SCORE: 35 / 40



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