Many strange monsters
appear in the world of Mother 3.
Here are just a few of them.

You'll generally find small
ones under carpets in people's
homes. The ones in Osohe
are super-sized.

It billows its cape
noisily. Nihilistic,
and cool.

*Note: Osohe was the name of a castle in the cancelled N64 Mother 3. It is very likely that Osohe Castle reappears in this game.

A cold-blooded mammal.
It's frozen over and boasts
the ability to hammer nails
with its own tail.

It's sweet, unsoggy, and tastier
than a chestnut, but it's a
monster. Looks like it could be
tasty with some butter.

Jumps out from power conduits
with lots of power and...
Hectic! Energetic! Electric!
That's its slogan.

These piggy flowers bloom
from spring to fall. They
spread their pollen and make
it so you won't stop crying.

Suddenly jumps out of the lake
to surprise you. Especially good
at "Underwater Sit" and
"Underwater Shake".

Because its hands were
converted into drills, it
has a pretty tough time
trying to eat worms.

Its rocket-based lunge
attacks are intense. Doesn't
seem to be that interested
in outer space.

The parent's source of power
is the support it gets from the
child. Despite being an enemy,
it's somewhat admirable.

The kicks from each of its
8 legs are intense. Kicks from
the 3rd leg from the left are
especially W-Cup Class.

Is the long part a trunk
or a neck? How does
it bathe? An utterly
mysterious Chimera.

A strange creature that
has a heavy head but not
enough power in its wings.
Watch out for fleas.

Howls sadly when it sees
the Batangutan with his head
on it. They could wind up
in a fight, too.