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Geek Princess 199X (parody of 1985)
Heh...Just a stupid little parody I made...Might set it to music once I get the time...
2/22/06 0.00
PSImaster 12 days of earthboundmas
Entry for the 2005 Holiday Funfest.

this song takes the tune of the 12 days of christmas but uses EB related things like enemies and weapons
11/30/05 0.00
slytherinface 12 Days of Earthbound
The song "12 Days of Christmas"... Earthbound style.
12/19/07 0.00
notalentjew 1/12(8) Days of X-mas
Entry for the 2005 Holiday Funfest.

Sung to the tune of �Twelve days of Christmas,� this version includes 1/128 items as gifts! How do I know about this stuff, nobody will know.
12/30/05 0.00



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