The Radio PSI Rumble Tournament 2007:

The category for this year's tournament is "#1's", not to be confused with last year's "One Hit Wonders" tournament. In order to be in the tournament, a song must have spent three weeks total, on the American Billboard's Hot 100 chart. This does not include the "Pre-Rock and Roll" or "Rock and Roll/Pre-Hot 100" eras.

Though the tournament spans four decades of music, between 1958-1967, 1968-1977, 1978-1987, and 1988-1997, these four segments will not be kept to their own brackets, but the order of the 64 songs entered will be determined again by random drawings from the "Tin Can of Names and Judgement".

The tournament will began on May 5th, and, barring any absences, ends on September 1st.



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