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Sound Stone (Cell Phone) - by notalentjew

Sound Stone (Cell Phone)

Mother 2 / Earthbound

artist comments:
This is notalentjews madd skillz at composing music with his cell phone. On my Sony Ericsson cell phone, there is a compose mode, where you can compose songs. This is the first one i have done.

Other Submissions by notalentjew

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notalentjew 1/12(8) Days of X-mas
Entry for the 2005 Holiday Funfest.

Sung to the tune of �Twelve days of Christmas,� this version includes 1/128 items as gifts! How do I know about this stuff, nobody will know.
12/30/05 0.00
notalentjew A Winter's Glance
Just in case you can't read my handwriting, the tempo is 104.
Imagine this (minus the ending) as the Winters theme.
1/7/07 0.00
notalentjew Basements and Zoos are Equally Scary
The Mother 1/Earthbound 0 song for the basement and zoo (also in Earthbound as the hidden song). A Capella.
11/1/07 0.00
notalentjew Blue Starman (post-it note Spanish edition!)
I make the insignia on most of my tests. This I made on a post-it note. During Spanish class.
4/11/06 0.00
notalentjew Eight Melodies (Mother/EB0) Sheet Music
This is finale-made sheet music. I listened to the song over and over again and then started to copy it down on paper. Then, to make it slightly more readable, i made it on finale. (Question, should I put this in .PPT format as well?)
6/1/06 0.00


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