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Tracy - by Strawberry Tofu


"Do you think Mom will let me stay up late?"

Other Submissions by Strawberry Tofu

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Strawberry Tofu CFM pg7
Crying for Mother - #07
Page 7.
10/21/06 0.00
Strawberry Tofu Crying for Mother, page 6
Crying for Mother - #06
10/11/06 0.00
Strawberry Tofu Crying For Mother, page 5
Crying for Mother - #05
10/7/06 0.00
Strawberry Tofu Crying for Mother page 4
Crying for Mother - #04
Note to readers: chances are, you're not going to find anything interesting in the description for these things, so just click the thumbnail from now on. :|
9/29/06 0.00
Strawberry Tofu Flight Plan C
I REALLY love how the plane itself came out. In retrospect, though, I feel I could have given it a more rustic look. Still, you gotta love shiny stuff. It was kinda fun drawing the desert, too.
9/26/06 8.00


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