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Mushroom - by cap'n crunch


Everyone loves Mushrooms!

Other Submissions by cap'n crunch

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cap'n crunch 3-D Mr. Saturn
3-D Mr. Saturn action!
7/22/05 0.00
cap'n crunch Abstract Art
I've been fooling around in photoshop trying to learn how to use it, so this is my third attempt at using it.
1/14/06 0.00
cap'n crunch Atomic Power Bot
After writing my tutorial on the Cinema 4D, I decided to actually use the program, and this was the product. I'm actually quite pleased with this, sadly I can not edit it because I accidently deleted the .c4d file but I still have this picture. :)
9/26/05 0.00
cap'n crunch Criminal Caterpillar!
Is it a Criminal Caterpillar? Is it a Weedle? No one knows, but Ness will sure give it a good whacking!
8/29/05 0.00
cap'n crunch Face of Evil
My first attempt at using photoshop, I think it turned out okay.
12/24/05 0.00


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