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Item Guide: Monkey Cave - by ClumsyRobot

Item Guide: Monkey Cave

One of the most difficult things about playing an import of Mother 1+2 and not knowing Japanese is trying to keep track of your items. Because of this, the monkey caves in Mother 2 can be a huge hurdle for many people. Here is a quick guide and other helpful info to help players get through the caves as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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ClumsyRobot Peaceful Rest Valley Translations and Map
Translation item guide and map of Peaceful Rest Valley based on images from the Player's Guide.
9/27/05 0.00
ClumsyRobot Pokey's Bomb
3/26/05 0.00
ClumsyRobot Snowman
12/31/04 0.00
ClumsyRobot Starman
12/31/04 7.00
ClumsyRobot Stylized Starman
Check out the colors.
4/27/05 7.00


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