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Paula's Lifeup - by Flamin-P

Paula's Lifeup

Is this what happens when Ness gets hurt and no one's around to heal him?

Other Submissions by Flamin-P

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Flamin-P Final Prayer
A very long and detailed piece I made with MS Paint. Just to let you know I do know she's technically supposed to be a robot. Use your imagination.
3/3/06 8.00
Flamin-P Fuzzy Pickles!
I wanted to see how fast I could make a quality piece of art work. (Clocked at 27 min and 24 seconds.)
2/26/06 0.00
Flamin-P Mammoth Teddy Bear
Just something I came up with! Enjoy!
8/16/06 0.00
Flamin-P Ness's Snowman
Just a small picture of Ness with a starman snowman. I kinda like how it came out.
2/19/06 8.00
Flamin-P Paula
I do like making art even if I'm only good using MS Paint still it's better than nothing.
2/20/06 0.00


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