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Starman Wallpaper - by Aquas

Starman Wallpaper

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Other Submissions by Aquas

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Aquas Moonside Cocktail
I was just listening to some EarthBound mp3s Jackie's Cafe came up, and it hit me to write this poem. Taking the mysterious mood of the bar, and the woman who mentions the baseball game, I was able to come up with something interesting including the fact that Ness is just a 13 year old boy. This poem is a look into the underbelly of bar loonys.
2/20/08 0.00
Aquas Hostile Elder Oak Explosion
I love the exploding tree enemies.
3/26/09 0.00
Aquas Ness' Christmas is Full of Joy
I haven't slept in a while, but apparently Ness' Christmas is full of joy. What kind of joy? PK Joy. Watch out for the G-Virus.
1/9/08 0.00


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