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Giegue Christmas - by Rabid Dog

Giegue Christmas

Funfest '06 that didn't make it for some reason...

Other Submissions by Rabid Dog

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Rabid Dog Devil's Machine
Entry for Hand drawn. A painstaking (literally!) rendition of the Devil's Machine in action.
11/2/07 9.00
Rabid Dog Devil's Machine Deactivated
Heavily inspired by the Kyuubi from Naruto, this is how I imagine Giygas emerges from the Devil's Machine, the moment it is deactivated.

Pen and Ink.

(For the non existant Halloween Funfest 2011)
10/17/11 0.00
Rabid Dog Frank's Brainchild
In this intriguing installment of "How They Became Mini-Bosses" we unmask the truth behind local street gang leader Frank Fly.
3/18/12 0.00
Rabid Dog Giegue Christmas
Funfest '06 that didn't make it for some reason...
3/24/06 0.00
Rabid Dog Giyigs' Release
Giyig's Final Moments before the Devil's Machine is turned off.
10/18/07 0.00


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