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Mother 3 Family - by Kine

Mother 3 Family

Just a little something to promote the upcoming Mother 3.

Other Submissions by Kine

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Kine Japanese Style Ana
Oh terror! I drew a Mother character in a Japanese style. Initiate end-of-world sequence.
10/21/06 8.55
Kine Kumatora Composition
GBA + 64. The background turned out to be everything I didn't want. Oh well, I'm no bg artist.
7/17/06 0.00
Kine Life in Tazmily 1
Tazmily - #01
I was bored and it came to me. Why not make a mini series based on Flint's family? It's not supposed to be very consistant with the real story, just keep that in mind. There may be some cultural references or technology that shouldn't exist in the time, but it's all part of the fun. This was the first story that popped in my head.
7/29/06 0.00
Kine Life in Tazmily 10
Tazmily - #10
Forest fire pt. 1
8/19/06 0.00
Kine Life in Tazmily 11
Tazmily - #11
Forest fire pt. 2
8/19/06 0.00


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