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Giegue Mother 2 - by FrankFly

Giegue Mother 2

This is my custom made Giegue I made for my fangame Mother XP. I threw in a battle background from Mother 3.

Other Submissions by FrankFly

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FrankFly MatCab plays Earthbound
Picture of my good friend MatildaCaboose playing Earthbound. His look is based off a battle sprite from his Earthbound hack. That can be seen here
7/14/07 8.00
FrankFly Me as B.B.Gang
I DO NOT SMOKE, it was just borrowed for the picture.

Comparison pic:
11/10/06 0.00
FrankFly Minerali
A fairly simple Minerali.
3/12/07 0.00
FrankFly Mother 1 Cast
I got this picture originally from the Mother Encyclopedia, I liked it so I redrew it and colored it.
11/18/06 9.00
FrankFly Mother 1- The True Story Part 2- The Journey Begins
Here is the second part to my comic.
8/30/06 0.00


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