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Weird Floating Chimp of the Desert - by trillionageshrooom!

Weird Floating Chimp of the Desert

I tel ya, I just so inspired when I saw this Mother 3 enemy, I just had to Artpad it! Nobody knows much about this weird floating face, but the Ancient Banana might provide a few clues. So, for now, I hope the painting will give enough details.

Other Submissions by trillionageshrooom!

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trillionageshrooom! Paulzipan
Part of a series I'm doing. It's Marzipan from home star runner, styled to be like Paula. Even complete with her little pan, too! Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how I drew her:
8/12/06 0.00
trillionageshrooom! Ness Star Runner
I don't know what I had in mind when making this. My love of Earthbound and Homestar must've conglomerated into this masterpiece. I'll be doing more, hopefully. Here's my work in action:
8/6/06 0.00
trillionageshrooom! Spiteful Crow: Sonic Adventure style
When I some duck called Bean the Dynamite from Sonic the Fighters, I couldn't help but recreate a certain smoking bird of whom we've come to know and love in that style. His weapon of choice: a giant cigar-styled flamethrower/spear. Also functions as a cigar (who knew?). Here's how I did it:
8/6/06 0.00
trillionageshrooom! Conspiracy: What are the Sanctuary Guardians, and how have they come to be?
7/31/06 0.00
trillionageshrooom! Giegue/Mewtwo Debate
7/31/06 0.00


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