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A Premonition? - by Anthadd

A Premonition?

Last school year (not this year just past, the one before) I had a dream that I was playing Earthbound on the Game Boy. It was in black and white, because at that time Nintendo likely hadn't thought of the Game Boy Colour, and long before I learned of the Mother on GBC Petition.

At the time, I was in grade 6, and hadn't even heard of the Earthbound Zero 'game' before. I had read an article on emulation in GamePro and thought, "I would never play an emulated game."

In February of this year, I was surfing the internet, when I came across a webpage I can't remember the name of, but it led me to the Mother Trilogy page and the Mother on GBC Petition. I eagerly signed it, wanting to play the prequel to EarthBound.

Then, today (July 23, 1999), there was talk in the #earthbound channel of Mother actually going onto the GBC, as well as what appeared to be a mention of Earthbound itself going onto the Game Boy Colour. My mind quickly flashed back to that fateful dream, where I was playing a black-and-white version of that classic, Earthbound.

Was that dream a premonition of things to come, or just after-effects of playing Earthbound before or after playing a Game Boy game?

And if the dream was a premonition, did it come to me through some psychic powers I have yet to uncover? The world may never know...

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