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Update: Nintendo's Demise? - by Anthony Meier

Update: Nintendo's Demise?

I have gotten quite a bit of mail on this subject since I sent it in, which now classifies it as "controversial." I have received a lot of good points against what I have said, however, many of you did not quite understand, or were confused. Allow me to clarify a few things.

Of all the mail I got, I think the main subject was how Nintendo could not fall "in such a few short years," as someone said. I believe I caused quite a bit of confusion when I didn't clarify this. I am not talking about Nintendo going bankrupt in just a "few short years." I am talking about this happening over the next few decades. 20, maybe 30 years perhaps. Bear in mind that Nintendo was a playing card company 20 or 30 years ago.

The second most heated debate was about Nintendo's survival using the GBC. Some people said, "Yes, Nintendo can live off the profits from Game Boy." If you take into account how much money Nintendo has in operating costs, like, N64 game development, "Project Dolphin," Nintendo Power magazine, staff costs, game counseling, players guides, and more, Game Boy makes up a very small percentage of that profit.

A point that I failed to mention and few people seemed to comment on was the subject of Nintendo of Japan's profit decline. The N64 is not doing half as well there as it is doing here, and it is causing some major losses for them. They also rely heavily on Pokemon lisincing and the games. You can only sell so many copies of a game before everyone has one however, and Pokemon will get old there eventually. May I also add that Nintendo of Japan is the "home base" of Nintendo, and they are the ones who come up with most of the games. Nintendo of America makes very few N64 games themselves as compared to Nintendo of Japan. For the most part, NOA does translations.

"Project Dolphin" is highly awaited by American gamers, but Japanese gamers are still unsure as to whether or not it will be any good. They are still scared from the N64's low sales and how poor it is doing there. If PD cannot survive there, it will surely not ever make it here.

There are many other points that I can go over, but I think I've taken enough of your valuable time spent online. Please note that I am not trying to push any beliefs on anyone else, but to simply make others aware of what I think. On a final note, Sega was very big competition for Nintendo at a time...

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