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To Submit or Not Submit - by Arad

To Submit or Not Submit

So, your new to the site, and want to become an active member of the community, huh? Very commendable. However, you won't just be able to hang around the forums for a while and instantly become a noticeable, respectable member of the community. It will take a long time of dedication, activity, and some luck. However, there is a great way to become a very noticeable member of the community, while having fun as well. Submissions. You can submit to pretty much anything on But which section of the site suits your abilities? You can find the answers here.

Let's say you decide to check out the Earthbound, Eearthbound Zero, Super Smash Bros., or Super Smash Bros. Melee sections. You will notice most of the maps/guides, etc. all come from various members of the community. If you know any of these games very well, to a point where you could write a whole guide to it, then go for it! Guides take a very long time to fully complete, as you are basically walking a new gamer through the entire game, giving tips and tricks along the way. For maps and sprites, it takes time to copy/paste things together. Before you submit anything to any one or more of these sections, be sure to look around a bit. Not only will you get some inspiration, you'll also be able to see and get a good idea of how long it took to make theses things. I would suggest you submit to these sections if you specialize in gaming and basic computer knowledge.

Fan Art is a legend at The archive is enormous, with thousands upon thousands of entries from dedicated Earthbound artists. To submit here requires a few things. You should have some sort of program where you can make EB art, whether it MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc. If you want to draw/paint/or color your artwork, make sure you have a scanner so you can scan it onto the computer and submit it. Once again, check out the Galleries. I would suggest you submit here if you have artistic ability, some original ideas, and the desire to make wonderful art work.

The Fan comics section is for those who have some artwork ability and also carry the wonderful ability of making people laugh or amuse them. It isn't easy to make a good comic. Take your time, think the whole thing through, and pay attention to detail when deciding to submit here.

Ah, onto one of my favorite sections to where fan submissions make up the section. The Flukes section is a time honored tradition of, and is the reason many people go this site to begin with. Before starting out here, make sure to check out the downloadable Guide to Fluke making, which is located on the main page. Flukes focus more on comedy than anything else. The hard part is, you only have a small area to work with, since all flukes must be 256 by 223 or smaller. Submit here if you have some comic ability along with a good knowledge of EarthBound. Be sure to check out Wampa's and Cherrybomb's fluke galleries to give you an idea of the quality of work that a fluke should be. Should you have any problems/questions, be sure to e-mail me at [email protected], and I'll do my best to help you.

Fanfics. Truly an excellent section. This section is for writers. Should you posess some ability in writing a story, make sure to check out this section and plan on making an EB-related story. Make sure you check this section out, if not to submit, then to marvel at everyone's writing talent. It is not easy to make a fanfic, but I encourage you to go for it should you feel you have a good idea. Some fanfics have been done in groups, which combines various styles, etc. to create a really sweet read. Again, this is great for anyone with writing ability.

Poems and Songs is a section demanding of poetic writing ability or song writing/singing/etc. ability. If you play an instrument and would like to compose some EB-remixes of music, go for it here. Do you have a great idea for a poem about EB or the site? Let if flow and make a great poem or song? Again, this does require hard work.

Fan Games and Apps (Applications) are for those who posess programming capability or are skilled in using RPGMAKER 95' and 2000. An important thing to remember here is these things require serious skill in computer knowledge. You'll be really bummed if you start a project, only to realize you can't finish it. But don't lose hope! Take some programming courses, etc. if you really want to become a EB programmer, go for it.

The forums is a great place to become a more well known member of the community. Here, you can post in various topics about EB, Other games, and just on life itself. Enjoy posting here, I know I have fun!

Of course, I highly suggest you submit to articles, which you are reading this from right now! An article can be anything related to EB or the site itself. Make sure you patronize this section and I really hope to see you submit an interesting article!

The mailbag is a great place to send in a sort of e-mail letter to the site, related to the topic of the week. Voice your opinion and let it be heard here!

The newsletter isn't really something you can submit to, although in some special cases there is a fan section. Just subscribe and see what turns up.

Contests. If ever you choose to submit something, here is the place! I will make sort of a list of the contests here: Plo's Hard Trivia- Every, ehem, week, Plo will give a super hard riddle. The answer has something to do with EB, so (And this is my own terrible example, NOT Plo's, heh) Cutie Pie with magic powers, with hair as yellow as a yellow flower, would be Paula. Don't fry your brain trying to get the answer, but if you get 5 correct, you win a forum badge!

Luna's Easy Trivia- Try to come up with a funny caption for one of her flukes.

Earthbound Trivia- This is where your knowledge of EB comes into play. Good luck with this one!

Apple of Enlightment Contest- I would highly suggest you submit to this contest, since your creativity and effort count in you winning. Every week, a "prediction" is made, so, for example, once the prediction was, "What if the cages in the Lost Underworld were destroyed in an earthquake?" So, you would have to submit an entry that relates to that topic. What can you submit? Pretty much anything. A story, a fluke, a song, a poem, anything pretty much listed here. Make sure you check out this contest!

SLing's secret screenshots- Try and find where the small picture is located, and submit your answer!

Fun stuff section is a misc. place of cool things people have submitted. Most of them are Flash animations, etc. Check out this section and see if anything you want to do fits into here.

Should you have some web design skills, you may want to try and create your own EarthBound website! You can then get it posted into the links and listed on

Well, there you have it. I hope I covered everything. Make sure before you submit anything to any contest, section, etc. you check out the rules and guidelines. Also, make sure you dabble around the section to get a feel for what is expected out of submissions.

There are so many things you can do, you could never get bored. Even if your saying to yourself that you have none of these skills, start with something simple and slowly work your way up. No one here came here and was instantly the best ever. So keep on working hard with whatever you decide to do, and make sure your having fun while doing it! Good luck!

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