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The Caste System of - by Arad

The Caste System of

Well, I would have to say this is basically GuyInsummers idea, he posted it while back in Xod’s mystical bakery, but it was such a good idea and he never remade it! It was such an awesome system and interesting as well. I just had to try and recreate some of it, with my own touch added. Thanks again GiS!!!!

Here at the site there are so many people. There are thousands of registered users on the forums and in the various chats, but the main central of discussion is in fact in the forums. The forums are a public place, open to many people with different types of personalities and character traits among them. Some of these are positive. and some are not. The point is simply this, this site is diverse. Here though, is a basic system of how people fall into category. Like I said, this was GuyInSummer’s idea, but he never really went any further with it, so I am carrying the torch of interesting, uh, stuff. Be warned, however, none of this is of GiS’s views. These are solely MY views. So if you’d like to flame someone about this, I’m your man.

Here are the listings, not so much in order from greatest to least or vice versa, but more classified section by section. You must personally decide what category/categories you fall into:

Mist- This sort of person is the forum goer who registers, and posts a few times. They eventually jut sort of fade into oblivion as quickly as they faded in. I would imagine this happens because they register and find some topics of interest, but perhaps get bored (WTF NOT THIS SITE) and end up leaving. Or, they just plain forget they ever signed up. You must realize there a lot of younger kids out there, with lower attention spans. Although some people came here when they were younger and have been here ever since, but some kids just lack that appreciation for a site as elite as this one.

Rising stars- I would like to hope this sort of person is myself, although some may beg to differ. This person is fairly new, usually being here less than a year. They may have some badges, maybe not. they contribute to a wide variety of sections and have no forthcoming stand out talent, although that may change as they dabble in the various submission sections. They are usually just becoming better known in the forum, the sort of person a reg can identify as having seen before and perhaps even knowing a little about them. These people are hopefully the future leaders of the community less they disappear like a Mist. They post often and try to be involved in the community any way possible, jumping at any break or chance they may get.

Regular I- This person has been with the site for a while, generally a year or more. They don’t have any badges or anything, but are solidly well known solely for their personality or attitude.

Regular II- This person got stuck somewhere during their rising age, and just sort of never got back on track. They often have a few badges, and maybe a past history of helping out somehow. Today they are still well known figures in the community, but are not as active, or perhaps are in a period of personal recession. Perhaps they will get back on track to becoming a more prominent member of the community, maybe not. These people are very commendable, however.

Lamer- Ahhhh, the lamer. The most annoying of people on the site. They can easily be recognized by their pessimistic attitude, their lack of respect for the rules, the way they insult staffers/mods/etc. or their use of swearing. People in this category usually get banned eventually, but if they stay within the rules, they just become outcasts, unwanted by anybody. If you feel you are in this position, you can still get out. Change your attitude, and you will emerge a better person in the community. Some people may seem like a lamer when they are new, but some eventually get out of it, having learned from ignorance.

Staffers I - Well duh, if you’re on staff chances are your a staffer ;-D These people are generally the leaders and shining examples of the community. They help people when they need it, have fun in the forums and post regularly, and don’t mind helping someone new become better familiarized with the site. Theses people usually have many old friends and are the leaders that we should emulate in our actions. If your ever undecided in doing something, and can’t decide if it’s right or wrong, jut ask yourself, "Would Simonbob do this?" Heheheheh.

Staffers II - These people are also of course on staff, but are not as appreciative of the spot they have. They may not update much, be rude to people asking questions, or just hate their job. They also may have their spot just for the sake of power. Please do not be offended, I am not categorizing anyone in particular, it is your decision what you feel you are. These are simply some tangible guidelines.

Oldie I - This person has been around with the site a looooooong time, and has done many great things for the community. However, today they just post around sometimes, and enjoy the fruit of their contributions. Appreciate those who have done so much for the community in the past!

Oldie II- This person, although having been here incredibly long, has done absolutely nothing or very little. They just kind of hang around now, and post occasionally. Perhaps sometimes they post just to flame people, which leads me into the...

Flamer- Ugh, I really don’t like these people. They have no real purpose, except to flame the heck out of anyone who isn’t as "perfect" as them. Sometimes it’s validated, but there should always be an alternative to letting someone know something without pointlessly flaming them. Some people just put up with these people because they are oldies...

I really hope no one has taken offense to any of my comments. If you feel you fall into the less than desairable categories, just change your outlook and attitude. There is always an ability for change, unless you’ve been banned...

Some of you may be a mixture of two, three, or more categories. I think everyone has a slight mix of a few categories, because, like I said, everyone at this site is diverse, every one is unique and awesome or not awesome in their own interesting way. Perhaps today when you look around the forums, you’ll notice what I’ve been talking about.

If for any reason you would like to e-mail me regarding anything on this topic, feel free to! I do enjoy discussion on my views and would be happy to hear from you, whether it be positive or negative. Drop me a line at [email protected]

GuyInSummers, if you read this, your welcome to add anything I missed. Your guide had it all, and mine is but only a fraction of yours. If you have any recollection of your system of descriptions, drop me a line at [email protected] . Some descriptions here are from people of the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone falls into any category at this time. Of course, this is my own article, and does not reflect ANY views of anyone else but me, or is not intended to. Once again, the general ideas of this was his, but the views expressed here are SOLELY my own.

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