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EarthBound vs. FF7, Part 3 - by Boomerang

EarthBound vs. FF7, Part 3

This is (obviously) the latest, and possibly the last installment in this series. Today's topic is "Characters: Giygas vs. Sephiroth." This will be a relatively short installment, and the next one is completely dependent on the email I receive.

Giygas and Sephiroth, on the surface of it, are completely different. They come from different worlds, but in other ways they are similar. Both are creatures of evil, attempting to bring complete and utter destruction to mankind. Both achieve incredible power. They command throngs of monsters and other evildoers. However, Giygas is superior for one reason: he is a more mysterious, unconventional type of enemy. Everyone knows what Sephiroth is thinking and what he wants; it is the same as every other villain from an RPG. He wants to become a god, find true power, etc. But no one really knows what Giygas is thinking. No one knows WHY he wants to destroy mankind. During the final battle, Pokey explains that he is the embodiment of evil. His mind has snapped from the sheer magnitude of the power. He is so mysterious that the player truly never knows his motives, making him a new, novel type of villain. And the fact that he can only be defeated through prayer as opposed to conventional attacks is incredibly cool.

Suffice to say, Giygas is a much more interesting villain. He obviously required a greater thought process. This will definitely be the end of character comparison, but there is the possibility the series will go on. Thanks for reading.

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