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EarthBound vs. FF7, Conclusions - by Boomerang

EarthBound vs. FF7, Conclusions

First, I would like to thank all the people who emailed me. Rob somethingorother, would you email me again? The message was accidently deleted. Sorry. This installment will draw conclusions from the series I have released. Enjoy!

-Ness is an exceptionally unconventional and likeable hero, whereas Cloud is a tired and boring unheroic "hero."

-Paula has life and spunk, but Tifa is just a dramatic "sexsells" strategy.

-Jeff is an interesting and novel character; Cid is basically a ripoff of oh so many TV shows. He is a disgrace to the time honored name, "Cid".

-Poo is a disciplined Prince who provides balance and integrity to the party; Yuffie is an annoying pest who contributes nothing to the game.

-Sephiroth is probably the coolest FF7 character, but Giygas makes the player wonder about Giygas' past(what is he, what was he originally like, etc.) Sephiroth is not very novel; he is a tried and true sort of villain.

-This subject generates alot of response.

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